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  • This thread is like a blog and anyone can join in. I post what i feel is inspirational to me.

    Meaning quotes and life stories. Anyone can add if they wish too.

    One of my favorite sayings 'is Life is like a roller coaster .. you have your highs and your lows and you never no what is round the corner.. you have just gotta see where it takes you"

    That is one sentence that speaks for itself, life is defiantly like a roller coaster with all these things we do everyday, weather emotional or psychical we never actually give up, we just keep going either up or down. It is like we do not know which direction to take so we just follow were we are led at first then we may change around a bit. Like we do. The Choices and decision's we make we learn from.

    and that's the best part of life, if we did not have this then what would be the point, id think we would all be very bored and probably if we didn't have these challenges in life we would be bored to death, and just want to give up rather than to push ourselves to our limit see how strong willed we are, and how much strength we have. We know we can all do it when we come together, or when we have some support we just think it is hard at first but it does get a lot easier if you let you change your thought's and patterns it will become easier. you have to know what's best for you and to be good to yourselves as well as others that is one of the biggest challenge's of life but we know we can do it.

    We can do anything we set our minds too. You Just have to shine your light, so others can see it.

    Love and Light and Blessings Bee Xx

  • Today i Found another quote that i love.

    and i think it says a lot to me. ''Its not how well you can weather the storm, its how well you can dance in the rain.''

    Too me this say's well the situation maybe like a storm at the moment it may be running wild no control and no were it is leading. For instance if your having money troubles and or Having relationship problems you tend to think theres a storm brewing and its going to get worse, so then you need to think to yourself hang on there really doesn't have to be a storm, at all. There really is no need for it. So why dont we just play with it and go with the flow, dance through the storm instead with a smile and think well this challenge maybe difficuilt but its a challenge and we can get through it, It is like when you say, ''Things are impossible''

    but you do not need to ever make things impossible there is really know such thing.

    so instead change it to ''oh it is possible we can do anything'', As possiblilty sets our mind for the Miracle to happen, and it become unimpossible, the impossible no longer exists because it has happen as a result of your faith, and hope. Things change and sometimes people change.

    We may all just beable to ride out this storm in a dance, we can dance together Happily in the most difficuilt times. It is what we are doing here after all. That is how we get through everyday with a little support and searching for our answers to find out ourselves we come along way together to reach were we are today. and that is somthing we can keep in our hearts forever.

    So if your finding yourselves in a difficuilt situation and think this is impossible theres a storm brewing and no way to stop it. STOP. and think Lets dance in the rain instead, and weave in and out. Till we find our peace and ourselves in the right moment.

    Love and Blessings Bee Xx ♥


    One of my favourite singers, Is tracy chapman.

    Gotta Love her songs.

    Blessings bee Xx

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