Dream help! Strange dream about a white island, spirits, animals & romance?

  • Hi,

    I had a really strange dream two nights ago and I would love help interpreting it.

    Ok, so the guy I really like and am just starting to see and I were going hiking with a few of his friends. We arrived at where we were to camp and one of the friends turns to me and says that I had to sleep on the island - it was a land of magic and where I belonged. My guy was of course joining me. My guy said I should head over to the island and he would be joining me shortly.

    I had to wade through some not very deep water to get there. The island was white - white sand, thick white fields of grass. The island felt like a magical place, a connection to the magic/energy of the universe.

    I walked through the grass looking for a good spot to camp. I then spotted a brown rabbit next to a few brown rocks. It wasn't hiding, just sitting there watching me. I then see on my left a old man with a white beard. He's sort of translucent and I got the feeling he was a spirit. He didn't say anything - he just watched me. I then looked back at the rabbit and it began to speak. It suddenly transformed itself into an older woman who happens to be a woman I know in real life. In real life she's sort of a mentor - someone I go to for advice about life and relationship stuff. The old guy spirit now disappears. My older friend is also translucent and feels almost like a spirit. She says that my guy is crazy about me and he loves me. She says that it was quite exciting that I went hiking with his friends and that he does want to be open about what's between us and share it with other people. Then she says that we need to make sure that my guy doesn't start loving his ex-girlfriend again. I was a little hurt and confused since it didn't seem to fit with how everything had been going. I asked if he could love her again. And my spirit, translucent friend said "No, but he could think he should." When my friend said this she got all glowy gold for a second.

    My guy then joined me on the island. I was going to have him talk to my translucent friend, but I woke up.

    So that's the dream. Would love anyone's take on it and also what the white island, brown rabbit and spirit/translucent people could mean. Thanks!!!

  • Hi, I think, all in all, a very good dream. I could tell you what those symols mean to me but I don't know if it would have the same meaning for you. What did the rabbit say--do you remember.

  • Sadly I don't remember what the rabbit said. I just remember that it started talking and then turned into my friend and then she said all the stuff I wrote in my post. The dream felt really important I just had a hard time figuring out what. I keep trying to dream again about the island so I can ask WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?! No luck so far. Hence the reason I came to you guys - see if all you wonderful people could give me any ideas or possible insight. 🙂

  • 9Luv ... here's some ideas...maybe it will suggest some things to you about your dream. It may make more sense to you.

    Wild animals may reflect an area of our lives that is out of control. Many animals have stereotypical meanings that can tell more of their presence. Think of what the wild animal means to you in waking life to understand the reason for its presence in your dream.

    Wild animals that are domesticated in dreams may not be animal dreams, but rather dreams of interpersonal success or self-discipline. Many times, making peace with animals is a sign of harmony in our lives and hope for smooth interpersonal relationships.

    One of the great things about dreams, especially lucid dreams where you are aware of dreaming and can practically control the outcome, is that you can acquire unusual powers. These may include almost any conceivable ability needed to solve the problem at hand. The problem is that you may lose them without explanation at a critical moment.

    The acquisition of magical powers may come from a number of sources. You may simply conjure them from within yourself. You may be given an article of clothing that contains special powers, or you may find a rock or other object that projects power into you. The implication is that you can solve problems with available resources. However, this may simply be a wish-fulfillment dream to dispose of problems without working through them.

    The loss of powers is often a reality-check dream. While you may think you have power in your dream to do great and glorious things, the truth in waking is that problems do not always solve themselves. There may be a level at which your mind is concerned about your waking bravado in certain situations.

    The "magic" you experience could be a sign that you are struggling against the most reasonable outcome of a particular situation. Often, we are unable to appreciate the logic or simplicity of a given situation because of our desire to "work" it.


    Most of the time, we dream of colors because visually we live in a colorful world. However, when those colors become prevalent or unusual in the dream, they may be an interpretive object in themselves. This is especially true if an entire dream setting in is different hues of a particular color or if a significant object seems unique for its coloring.

    Since many colors have archetypal feelings and emotions attached to them, the approach taken by Jung is often helpful. However, it may be that a particular color transcends a Jungian meaning because of an experience you have had with it. If Jungian types do not fit, try freely associating significant objects from your waking life with the same color as the dream object for meaning.

    Color - positive meaning (negative meaning)

    Blue - nobility or tranquillity (depression)

    Black - power (death or mourning)

    Brown - Earth, nature (scatological)

    Gray - neutral (passionless, death)

    Green - fertility, renewal, wealth (greed, envy)

    Red - sacrifice, sex (carnality, taboo sex, humiliation, physical injury)

    Orange - adventure, change (forced change, disruptiveness)

    Purple - royalty, positive personal growth (injury)

    Yellow - enlightenment, (cowardice, illness)

    White - purity, wholesomeness, sacred ritual (emptiness)

    Hope that helps in some small way!

  • wow pretty carzy,my inturpitation the island represents yourself,the swim represents you finding yourself wich shouldnt be too hard since the water was so shallow. the camp your looking for to me would be a place within yourself that you can find peace in and rest. your seeking for anwsers about yourself and your relationship. somtimes things are not always what they seem just like a rabbit actually being a friend of yours, mabie its a warning of some sorts. i think the advice she gave you was a bit of your own advice just being told you by the person you would trust most in this kind of siuation,(they say your own advice is usually the best advice)i think your friend telling you about your boyfriend and his ex is a combination of your fears what you already know. you needed self cofirmation that this man loves but deep down feer hes still in love with his ex or mabie that you worry inside they were meant to be together. just like the old man came and went so do fear and uncirtanties. your friend and the ones you hold close seem to be happy with him in your life and thats very important to you. you wanted him to meet your friend who was giving you all the advice and then woke up. i believe like i had said before the advice you were seeking you already had inside of you,it was your own advice. your boyfriend didnt have to meet the woman you were looking to hear it, the one he really needed to have a talk with is you. thats why you woke up, you were really looking for yourself. if i were you i would find the place inside of me,bundle up what courage i have and have that talk with him so you can find the real answeres you need. remember like your dream, things and people are not always what seem.

  • Hi, Sounds like your in heaven in this dream. The transluscent people almost remind me of being transfigured. And then, once your experiencing all this bliss, your warned so to speak about an old girlfriend. If I was watching this on TV, it would probably be a comedy.

    I take this dream to mean that your really happy around your boyfriend but kind of paranoid at the same time. Being real objective here, I would say don't let negativity in the relationship.

  • Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions!! I really appreciate it!


  • 9luv- I'll take a stab at it.

    You are going hiking with him and his friends- An activity like this could point to the following feelings: achieving a goal, moving towards a goal, bonding, a common interest, emotional investment. You have to think about how you felt about this hike, were you thinking or feeling anything.

    One of his friends says you have to sleep on the island, you belong there. This is clearly a separation from the group. How do you feel about it?

    Magic is different, unusual, how do you feel about magic? These feelings might lead you to understand why the separation is necessary.

    He would join you shortly- Might this be about trust. You are being asked to go over to this unusual place, because ‘we’ think you belong there, and you have to walk over there alone, and trust it’s ok, and trust he will follow. How do you feel at this point?

    So you are wading through the water, and it’s no big hassle, does this make you feel more secure about the island, were you feeling insecure at all, ever? You feel this connection.

    Everything seems to be in order. You start to make yourself comfortable, and you see the brown rabbit.

    Might the island represent your relationship with your guy. It’s new and clean, and still in the magical stages, we always experience in the beginning.

    Might the appearance of a brown rabbit near brown rocks be reality creeping into your ‘new place’? Closer in color to what you would expect in the real world, staring at your reminding you the real world is just outside. The rabbit then transforms into a mentor figure, which are people who also keep us grounded in reality, and guide us. She is also a spirit which gives her even more weight in your mind. Your brain wants you to understand without doubt you have discovered some truth you are ignoring.

    On the old man you are going to have to ask yourself how you felt about him when you saw him, what you felt when he was sitting there looking at you. The general impressions this personification gave you. This will give you clues as to why he’s there, and the reason for his disappearance.

    Your friend tells you all these wonderful things, and gives you a warning. The question you ask yourself here is what on earth could make your guy ‘ think he should’. Maybe you are picking up on some weakness he has in regards to some manipulation you have witnessed. Maybe he is susceptible to guilt, or responsibility, or pity. What is it that has set off an alarm in you that leads you to believe or fear he can be convinced he should love someone he doesn’t?

    Maybe you question the solidarity of his feelings for you, after all if he can be convinced he should feel something he doesn’t, how are you supposed to know he’s not doing that same thing with you? You’re friend assures you this is not the case… so what is the case? She glows because you recognize it in your mind as a truth in some way or a possible risk. You also have to weigh in your mind if you believe this information is actually about the X or your subconscious trying to point out a feeling you are having about him because of something else he may have done already. Something that leads you to believe he’s vulnerable to some kind of manipulation.

    You want him to talk to your friend, but your mind says no and wakes you back to reality. We all know rabbits thump the ground to warn the other rabbits of approaching danger, reality in your slice of heaven coming to warn you of something you may not have even realized you noticed about your guy, something to keep an eye on. Maybe not just with the X but people who are similar to his X. Also you must look in the mirror and be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you feel as though you are able to manipulate him, and answer the question honestly to yourself.

    I think once you really think through all the emotions of the dream you will be able to understand it more fully.

  • leeve

    perhaps there is some area in your life where you feel violated/ invaded, where you feel like you are being forced to comply. Maybe you don’t want to give in, but somewhere you feel like the damage or loss may be far greater if you don’t. Maybe you feel vulnerable and out of control in some situation. You’re dreaming someone is forcibly trying to take something from you and people you care about, you all share the belief you shouldn’t give in, but someone gets seriously hurt. Did you feel guilt, rage, pain, regret, honor?

    Where do these feelings manifest themselves in your day to day life?

    I hope that helps turn the wheels…

  • Thanks bleudawn! Lots of great things for me to think about in regards to this dream. 🙂

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