• The Captain, Hi there hope you well. You did a reading for me thank you so much it is highly appreciated. However, please tell me what you know regarding. I have foung out that my son Wayne DOB 7/9/74 is a compulsive gambler and has also been using drugs. We have now given him a few chances but now got "professional" help so we booked him in for rehab for 6 weeks.(All we can afford) Will he come right? Will he go back to that when he comes out?? Will he be alright?


    My other son just had a corneal craft done. I t all went so well and it was looking so nice and now there are complictions? I am reeally worried. Please tell me about them two. Thank you

  • Wayne will only come right if he leaves the crowd he hangs around with who influence him to do drugs. He wants to fit in with his friends so he does what they do but it will only lead him to trouble. Until he sees how bad these people are for him and that he doesn't need to follow them or be like them, I think he will still do drugs. Your other son may need more surgery to correct his problem but it will eventually be successful.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you so much. I am still worried but what can you do hey? A mother can ONLY do so much. I visited Wayne today and he is looking better already. He is in a place called Norconon and understand it is part of The Church of Sientology who have had a huge succesfull rate regarding. I just pray that he will see the light as the end of the day as we have told him this is his last chance and must choose between these friends (yes you are right). As for Markus, I sure have a problem as he seems not at all bothered about his eye and frustrates me to ............ better not print it! I wish I could put this eye in my pocket and look after it myself!

    We have had so many problems in the last 2 years that I dont think I can take much more as I am the one that has to be strong for all and gettting very depressed and feel tired really tired! But tomorrow morning we have to get up and carry on. My health is also taking strain with all these problems. But thank you anyway for answering I really appreciate it as I have no one to confide in.

    God Bless

  • Hi again,

    If there is anything else I should know please tell me?

    Tks very much

  • Be very careful with the Church of Scientology as they have a habit of cutting people off from their families if they do not join their group.

    It's time you stopped being strong for everyone else and let them develop their own strength or they will always be dependent and need someone to prop them up. it's time you looked after yourself.

  • O dear!! I hope not ??!! But he will onnly be there for 6 weeks so will see what happens so long as he just leaves the drugs, will cross the bridge when we get there. And YES wise words you have given me there, I know but when it comes to your children you will always be mom 1st? But yes you are right and I have now put my foot down FIRMLY!! So they now know where they stand with me. And I am going to be VERY STUBBORN ABOUT THAT!!

    Tks again appreaciate your advice

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