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  • My mothers birth-date 02/06/1959 4:40am 89:09w 42:27 N Rockford, Illinois.

    I'm not so much seeking interpretation as I am understanding of personality issues that I am already aware of. I'd like to know if there is any indication of these in her chart. Anything glaringly obvious that I am missing. I'd consider myself maybe intermediate with Astrology, I'm hoping maybe someone with much more understanding of Astrology can look at this for me.

    My mother is an abusive woman with a history of addictive behaviors. First Alcohol and for the last few years due to her "health complaints" Rx painkillers are her new drug of choice. She is a compulsive liar, she is paranoid and delusional, she constantly thinks other people are talking about her or judging her even when there is absolutely no truth in it. She never ever ever admits fault for anything. She screams at the first hint of anger and gets angry VERY easily. She is also VERY manipulative and easily convinces people that she is just a sweet frail innocent person. She also has another side of her personality that can be very loving and good. She is a wonderful grandmother. Some people would never believe she is also all those bad things.

    One aspect that I am very interested in, in her chart is:

    Sun in Aquarius 2nd house Opposed Uranus in Leo 8th house

    My inquiry is also two fold. Recently my mother was diagnosed with vulvar cancer. Prior to this she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2002. The vulvar cancer is a type of skin cancer. She has lied about many of the details regarding this but the fact that she does have it remains as I was with her when she went to the doctors. Chemo and radiation will start next week.

    Now I suppose this next part will sound slightly hokey but take it for what it is. A couple times in my life I have felt death somewhere, prior to a person actually dying. I used to clean houses and upon entering a new house once I told my partner that I felt like death was in the house with us. Just 2 months later the lady of that house developed a massive tumor in her chest and died within a week. Another time when I was much younger this happened with my great grandmother.

    Shortly after my mother was diagnosed I was sitting at her house with her and I felt the EXACT SAME feeling. All I can describe it as is like a hovering darkness.

    Please if anyone can help, don't pull any punches. I love my mother and at the same time I am very weary of her abuse and lies and manipulations. I will be her primary caregiver during this process and I care for her with love and understanding and I hide my frustrations from her. I know better than to confront her for her lies - her attacks are vicious when she is defending herself.

    For my own well being in this process I need to know:

    If her personality disorders are shown in her chart

    If there is any indication as to how this cancer situation will play out

    Does anyone see death from this in this chart

    In case it is helpful I am January 27 1976 at 9:30 am same city and lat and long

    Any - ANY help at all is so very much appreciated

  • She sounds like she might have Borderline Personality Disorder. Death is another story, I doubt anyone will touch that question.. it is unethical for readers to predict death.

  • I too believe she has borderline personality disorder. If this is true it should show in her chart somewhere. Is that suggested by the aspect that I pointed out and asked about?

    Nobody need tell me if they see the day of her death. However Llewellyn George noted aspects that were indicative of death and type of death or circumstances surrounding death. I did not mean to give the impression that I was asking anyone to "predict her death" but rather to give me a fresh set of eyes and mention if perhaps they saw anything relevant to her current illness in the chart.

  • Bump - I guess if it is easier to simply address this without the background:

    Feb 6 1959 4:40 am

    Insight into this aspect:

    Sun in Aquarius 2nd house Opposed Uranus in Leo 8th house

    If her personality disorders are shown in her chart.

    If there is any indication as to how this cancer situation will play out.

  • I really really would appreciate some advise in regards to that aspect I mentioned.

  • Maybe you should go and talk to her doctor and ask him/her what the prognosis is.

  • Wow. I have to admit this is disheartening to say the least. I obviously have talked to her doctor. I have been with her at each and every doctors appointment. She is stage 3. She has started Chemo and Radiation.

    I highly doubt her doctor will be able to answer my questions regarding that aspect between Sun and Uranus. Maybe he can, who knows, but I thought I'd have a better shot at an Astrology Forum. Or is this not the right place to ask about that?????

    I am not looking to Astrology to solve my life issues or to diagnose my mother. I am merely seeking understanding within THE BIRTH CHART.

  • Hi Vel,

    You have at your disposal a huge library of resources via the internet regarding the birth chart, and the answers you seek are not there.

    I personally feel that astrology is useful to a point, but when you throw other things into the mix like physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse, the birth chart isn't as prevalent in the nature of the human being as is the environment in which you place that human being.

    Being abusive and being a habitual liar usually indicates that at some point in time the person has experienced these things at a young enough age that it has become ingrained into their social character. It is a lifelong struggle to cope with abuse or events that may have happened, and unfortunately victims of abusive within the family circle do not have any outside support. Especially so when your mother was a child. They have to live with the horror and the fear and they learn to deal with it by burying reality. Truth becomes lost in the quagmire. Denial becomes self preservation.

    That you treat your mother with love is a tribute to your love which means you have interjected enough compassion to stop the cycle of abuse in that family. It is very commendable of you.

    Does mental illness come into play? If this is a case of dna molecules gone awry, then I apologize wholeheartedly for my above thoughts.

    However, I have seen the above come into play in a very real way as an outside observer, and also as being married to an abusive person.

    Again, love is the focus. If you are concerned about her behavior manifesting itself in yours, if it is written in the stars that you will fall victim to the same personality traits, I would not be concerned. You have enough strength not to continue the cycle, and enough love to forgive. This may have been part of your purpose in being here at this time.

    How long is the caregiving going to last? I don't think anyone knows. You have given, and given(and I know it isn't recognized)....and I think sometimes you much more can I give? You will do what you feel you must, because that is your integrity as a person.

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