Cancer male and gemini woman tips plz

  • I don't know what to do any tips?

    Cancer guy 19/07/1984 that i'm seeing and I got into a argument because the last time I saw him I saw his IM with one of his clients and they were suppose to meet up to discuss so i said oh lalala u have a date. he looked at me like what are you talking about but I was jealous. The next morning client was smsing so i got pissed off and went in the shower to get ready to leave and told him i wouldnt be in his for him to get ready for his client. He ignored me then said Your always about girls girls. This was a week after he asked me to continue seeing him again ( he then was boasting at first that he could meet other girls so i told him to do that then he said no he wants to see me. Which was shocking to see he went from a boasting attitude to that)

    Eitherways 2 days ago i went to talk to him online( i think was sensitive at the moment cuz i thought that maybe he does want to talk to me, i dont know why) but now thinking back he did want to.

    here is how the convo went i asked the typical things you would ask at the beginning of a convo then i said oh well i'll leave u do ur things he said: ? uh ok I told him that i was just checking in on him. and that i dont know maybe ur in the middle of something and told him to enjoy he there after said that he was getting dressed up so i told him to enjoy the evening out. He said that he's going on a date yes and he will. Out of curiousity I asked where he's taking her. Some place he said so i told him might get lucky tonight ( i was trying to act as if i dont care do what you want) but to make the story shorter I told him of go about your business cuz ofcourse if you going on a date I wouldnt want to b in his way he said that i wasn't in his way and still continued to tease me. I started to ignore and he continued to telling me about that sweet kiss and those lips. I kept on saying ok bye trying to get rid of him after a while i just went offline. After a while went off and i came back online, he didnt went anywhere he was on a site playing game for hours then came back online late at night. I ignored him. I think he was just letting me hear what I wanted to hear.

    Next day I was still pissed and didnt like that so I continued the argument and it turned ugly we weer both saying mean things to each other and he was making me more jealous 😐

    We decided not to see each other anymore in the rage of the argument and told each other bye. And stupid me told him that i have feelings for him at the end of it but good thing you knocked me out of it. I told him that when I thats not tru. I'm crazy for him sadly.he told me if i wanted him to feel sorry for me is why i said that and asked what do i want. But ya my heart is broken any tips how to get over it people? i kind of still want him back but he blocked me and usually when we argue he doesn't block me butthis time he did so I guess he's finished with me completely

    He's a cancer with venus and moon in leo

    I'm a gemini 25/05/1990, you gemini women have any tips on getting over this?

  • Gemmi90......I read your story....I am also a Gem...I dated a Cancer for many months...we broke it off in September of this year for good.....being much older than you sweets...I can tell you what I learned from being with a Cancer and what not to do.....First of all...your upset and sad...a breakup is never easy...I still think about my Cancer...however....Crab's love to play games...with him telling you he is getting dressed up to go on a date...was to get to make you mad and jealous...mine did it to me ALL THE TIME...they just want a reaction.....and you fed into showed your emotions and he loved every moment of say you at times get jealous...well everyone does....BUT with a Cancer your BEST REACTION IS NOT TO REACT......when he says stuff like that....say "oh have a great time" the END.....they hate being me....they like a challenge...I wasn't a challenge...I was putty in my Cancer's sound the same when your around this guy....and most of all when they need their space and run into their shell...LET THEM BE!!!!....I would aggravate mine and it would make the relationship worse.....if he blocked you...he blocked you for reason...and of course the mind games he is playing with you....give it some time...he will be back....don't call, don't text, dont creep on line looking for him...give him some space....if your not pursuing will bother him eventually and he will contact you if he is into find out what you are doing....and why you havent been calling or texting me...been there done that....I was just tired of all the women and games mine had...I threw in the towel...and waiting for someone who deserves my time and energy....good luck sweets keep me updated....

  • tattoogemini

    I kept on telling him to have a good time and to go about his business( as in to leave me alone) and every i ended it and told him to enjoy he continued so after a while i went offline then next day told him i don't wanna know what he thinks of her its not my concern and there it started again. Yes i am putty in his hands even my friends are like huh ur not usually like this. I usually control the guy but I fell deeply for this one. Yea I didnt let him be this time....I was irritated with him trying to mess with me. I'm not sure if he'll be back he said not to make contact with him anymore thats the first time he said that. Well i unblocked him back but he blocked me and maybe deleted me. We've had other arguments where after i would leave him alone and he will come to me but this time i attacked also and he disrespected me in the process. I have alot of feelings but i think i'm also ready to toss in the towel thats probally why i attacked too. Tired of him trying to step on me. As before he said he came begging back for me it was after he said i'm thinking about not seeing u anymore i let a week or two passed by and i told him i agree and he agreed but day after smsed me and ended with him begging me back cuz i wasn't taking his shit.

    Its strange that online and sms he has all the mouth in the world but when we're face to face he's a lamb.

  • Oh Gemmie90....Well he is upset with you right now because you hurt his ego by "attacking him" really have to leave him Cancer took a lot longer to "get over" anything that might of hurt his feelings....also my situation was very verbally abusive, he was horrible to me...and I put up with it...please if he is disrespecting you now...which I dont know what happened...he will continue to do that down the one deserves that.....some days I hurt....and I want to talk to my X...but I think of how he treated me...and I am much better off....remember time heals all wounds....unfortunately when my X did his disappearing acts for weeks...he was with other women....I recently found that out....and he would come crawling back to me....which at the time if I knew I would of told him to pound sand....I know noone will put up with my's just a matter of time before my X dials me.....when his new chick kicks him to the curb.....I hope you don't have to deal with the same thing....give yourself some time to think the whole relationship thru...right down the good and the may make you feel better...but stay strong....

  • Thanks, I'll keep you updated if anything happens.

  • Maybe he does the samething who knows because in july and august i went on vacation and had a argument decided to move on then too when i came back from vacation he called me up after a month and 2 weeks hmm... but then he didnt block me. So he just might be done for good.

  • But i wonder do they think that someone will put up forever with their attitude?

    Then they'll wonder why their hearts get broken.....

  • I am a cancer male and currently just heart wrenchingly lost my gemeni girlfriend. However, she was the one playing games. Anyways, if you truly love someone, unless your maturity level is that of an adolescent, you don't say you're going on a date to enflame your loved ones jealousy. I have said lesser things to stoke that fire, but I would never go that far, and the only reason I said them is because I didn't feel as though I was getting enough attention. My experience with this particular gemeni has taught me that, if her behavior can be extrapolated to that which is characteristic of gemeni females, you insist on acting as if something doesn’t bother you even if it really does, because, after all, you are the bomb and why should you ever express your vulnerability. For me, this is exactly the wrong course of action to be pursued. Cancer’s have large but fragile egos and need reassurances. As I said, I don’t pretend to be seeing other people in order to inspire jealousy in someone who I love, but judging from the dynamic I perceive between the two of you, he probably wanted you to show him that you cared. I know that, for me, I need to know deep down in my core that my significant other cares; it validates my own feelings and let’s me know that they are real. Because my feelings can be so powerful, the idea that they are baseless, or that their foundation is merely a fabrication, leaves me feeling empty and void inside which is tremendously unsettling and tends to send me into a panic. Once the insecurity starts it is very hard to let go of. If you care to continue on with this man, and if he is anything like me, I suggest you show him that you love him and show him that you care. Words may not be enough. Anyone can lie to you and tell you what you want to hear. Grand gestures are far more meaningful and will light the path to his heart. At the same time, never compromise and put up with bad behavior from him. Otherwise, he will probably think he can dominate you and get what he wants while doing as he pleases. On the other hand, he could just be a player. If you find this to be true, dump him and run as fast as you can because, as I’m sure you’ve read on these forums, cancers who have that sort of mentality have a way of devastating the lives of those they are with.

  • Hmm i use to act that way (like nothing bothers me) but this time that wasn't the case i did a little bit but then got irritated 😞 I tried to act that way made argument worse and when i felt really hurt and couldn't take it anymore showed my vulernable side but then yea in the heat of argument he wouldnt care.

    At the same time, never compromise and put up with bad behavior from him.

    Otherwise, he will probably think he can dominate you and get what he wants while doing as he pleases.

    This is what i think he wants to do probally. Other arguments weren't like this and all of a sudden this out of the blue because i was kinda herassing him? I would think if he actually cares he should come and fix this one. He the one said after to don't bother him and he blocked me so i will do as he pleases.

    On the other hand, he could just be a player. If you find this to be true, dump him and run as fast as you can because, as I’m sure you’ve read on these forums, cancers who have that sort of mentality have a way of devastating the lives of those they are with.

    This could be another thing indeed if that's the case. He would be a funny player though one thats home often and online. He still lives with his mother. He has this site that he's on and he would add girls and then delete them or they delete him from their list. He like to act also as if girl aren't the most important in his life and they come and go.

  • Tattogemini & crazyCrustacean,

    He strangly unblocked me and there after yesterday evening texted because he was stuck in my area so wanted to pass by hmm. Said i have my period after a while i thought what are the odds that he got stuck here. He hasn't been over to my place before. So i guess your right he's trying to come back but he seem to do this quickly lately with the last fight also after one day look for a way to make contact. Before that would take two weeks or so. Oh well.... He just has mouth. He did say before words doesn't do anything to him.

  • He blocked me back 😞

  • Oh Gemmi90....your are making yourself crazyyy.....what did you do??? there has got to be more to the story from your last post....did you block him again?? and he blocked you back?? I am confused...your playing his games now...word of advice...don't...your just going to cause yourself a whole lot of stress, pain and humiliation....hope your ok...

  • No he blocked me back. he was telling the truth just not that it was that night. Exactly i already humilated myself. He found a girl who looks better than me. I think i need a psychologist to help me build back up my confidence etc. Because its very bruised now. Argued again. But that was the last time both delete each other etc. In the beginning i did something crazy... He has thing page and i thought that i found a way to view it without him know but had to check it in at midnight so then wouldnt know but as it turns out it didnt work. He let it for a while then he blocked me and said i'm too newsy. He seem to never have forgotten that so said i'm crazy and brought it up again. I was really embarassed about that. I guess i came across as desperate but its too late now. He found a nice girl. Which he seem to have picked upon looks and then asking if i would still have sex with him. Which is crazy, i deserve his love as much as she does. He then lowered me with his words as if i'm nothing anymore. Oh well she'll have to deal with him when he gets ugly and if he finds someone better looking than her. Her self-image will probally be damaged after him too if she let him. Or maybe he really likes her and wouldn't treat her the way he treated me when he got nasty. It really hurts but thats life i guess. Wasted 8 months of mines to hear shit like this in the end. He really had me where he wanted me.

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  • I'm not in the US but in Europe. I don't want to understand him anymore. It is damaging me trying to understand him. I'll just have to accept that he found someone else that he consider better than me. I figure a girl who will treat him like shit is what he's looking for. I really have to work on myself now seeing that I lost so much of myself. This time was the worst he could have down before this he wasn't that bad just drove me nuts.

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  • He wasn't my bf yet was just dating. I guess he never saw me as his gf eitherways and see that girl that he not too long met as one partially before of her looks. She has alot of guys staring at her even a guy got in a fight because of her he told me not too long ago. That's what he wants one who he really have to try hard to get because she's hot and i'm average. Well he'll have to continuously be nice to her if he wants to keep her and in the sexual part he is good so thats the plus for him. He probally can't give her his bad attitude.

  • No, he doesnt want to stay in contact anymore now after last night. I don't think so now he's saying i'm not his type. Probally bcause he got a hot girl he is feeling his ego. He is childish indeed. He probally just stringed me along until he found someone better so he's boasting now.

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  • Thanks 🙂

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