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  • I am currently a stay at home mom, I have been trying for years to figure out what career would be best suitable for me as I have many interests. I would like to start my own home based business in the coming year selling cosmetics and handmade jewelery etc. But I was wondering if someone could please guide me in the right direction and advise me psychically on my life path. Before I go spending alot of money getting things started. I want to give my children a wonderful life and to be able to provide for them the best that I can. Thank you 🙂

  • I feel selling clothing - especially children's clothing - would be more successful for you.

  • Hi Captain thanks for responding when you said children's clothing I thought about my other hobbies. I love to knit and crochet do you perhaps see me selling my own designs or having an actual store selling clothes? I just need a little clarity here to make sure I know which would be the best option. Thanks

  • Well, you have to start small - unless you have the capital to rent a store? Maybe try selling your wares on eBay? I do feel design would play an important role.

  • oh Captain this is all very delightful news. I've been feeling like I should be writing down my designs and selling them on ravelry or ebay for about 2 years maybe longer now. I keep feeling like thats what I'm meant to do but then I keep putting it off because of self doubt over my ever so crummy math skills. lol I should start out with mittens or hats that would be a small start but still a start non the less right? I wanted to ask you also if my gemini ex will ever leave me alone? I wrote about him before and you responded and well you were completely right about him. I should have listened but I didn't and learned a very valuable lesson. I'm in the healing process right now and just when I think I'm going to be just fine he finds some way to reopen the wound.

  • You must trust in your creative design skills - you can be very successful if you persevere. Start small and work your way up. Focus on your work and your kids and ignore your ex. When he detects a lack of interest from you, he will look elsewhere. He is desperate for someone's attention - anyone.

  • I know what I am meant to sell. Lingerie, I am completely confident in this because I have looked up information on starting my own business selling yarn more than once and had no success finding the information I needed and tonight I was looking for some lingerie for myself online because I love it and decided hey I could sell that. In 2009 my relatives and friends told me after going to a lingerie party that they could see me selling it and encouraged me to do so. I declined because I was too busy at the time. I forgot all about it until tonight. I looked up the info and it was like magic. I found everything I would need to get started and all within low start up costs plus government info that I couldn't find before. So yeah I feel really excited about this. What do you see? My idea would probably help get my kids and I back home faster. Because I can prove that I would need my families help looking after my kids. While I got everything sorted out. I was contemplating going back to school to take design courses but I somehow felt a different direction would pop up. Please let me know if I am on the right track. Thanks a million your the greatest.

  • oh and yes I'm still going to design clothes too, Been working on that too.

  • I'm wondering if you could do an online course in design, rather than go to a school because I feel like you will need a lot of time and energy to devote to your business if you want to be successful.

  • Hi captain, I absolutely could. That would be something to look into doing for now while I plan for later and Although I was thinking that if I attend college in the fall when my daughter starts full day kindergarten and my son is old enough to go to daycare. I would be able to attend school during the day. I would like to be closer to my parents and my siblings but I have to go through the court system and prove a move is beneficial for my daughter. The best way for me to do this is to either attend an actual school or get a job there. The college I want to attend is close to all my friends and family. Living here is causing me anxiety, stress and I think im depressed so ive asked to see a doctor about it. I have a few options for school programs. There's a learning to sew program and a design drafting program for garment patterns. Also the design program I was thinking about is called art and design fundamentals to help build a portfolio before entering a program for graphics design. But then i could benefit from a business course or two. I have been putting alot of my energy into researching my options so that I can make the right decisions and not just jump into something. I feel really good about possibly having my own lingerie business and feel drawn to continue looking into it. I've never been 100% certain about anything in my life before and I am certain this is my calling. My uncle owns his own business. He has had various successful businesses over the years and I'm sure if I ask he may be able to give me some good advice. I want to sell online with the possibility to own an actual physical store one day. Once I have the capital to do so.

  • I think if you could find a basic course for business online before or as you build your lingerie line up, it would be very useful. The design school could come later when you have created a solid material foundation for your family.

  • I have been looking and I may of found a course. Also over the weekend I did alot of research and started building a website with a css template that was free for commercial use. I am changing alot and making it my own since I have a bit of prior experience with HTML it's going really well and I'm getting lot's done. Better than I anticipated. I already have pretty much all the info I need in regards to permits and licensing and costs etc. I think after I have everything into a solid plan and the website is complete. I will apply for a grant or a government loan. I just figured its best to have something to show that i put the effort in. So that when I ask for financial help, I will have a better chance of getting it. I'm very determined to make this work for me. I have put many hours into it already.

  • Excellent - I can feel your determination.

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