Common Sense?

  • I am a sag....There are so many ways our mind can justify and analogize a horoscope to our lives...Its so funny how horoscopres are so vague! Vagueness allows ou to tie it to almost anything! Zodisc signs too. The of course we have Vedic astro and that tells you you are another sun sign in exact using your time of birth! So we have two sun signs? HAHA....I am nothing to a sag I am Holly. I have so many qualities that are defines as a libra. I love diplomatic debate and balance. I love beauty and am attracted to it, arnt we all? Are we all not liberal on some topic? Even a cancer and pisces I have met many! Alot of them are sooo chatty and verbally agressive! I met because I the sag who supposivly does not like being tied down either !!!lol haha I am in the military tied down to a unit for one year! I met three aqwuarian men who are the oppostion to 90% of what the LMAO zodiac says. Because I have evolved with no parents I have been out in the world at a young age and met so many potential male partners and friends....the astro thing proves bunk and really how sad! Isnt it more real!, if we actually cared to get to know the real person in front of us by listening and taking it one step at a time but people who NEED and desire for selfish reasons want to know HOW CAN I GET!! wrong...let the righ one come to you..let it attract...if you alter or act in the manner of what you think will GET him or her that is selfish and not true to your higher self..its an act to catch a person which is selfish...what is best for that person is what will be with that person. What is best and balanced TRUTHFULLY will be the balance. If you truly can love then you will be your true self and accept that your true self may or may not be what the other person deserves for a divine union...Acceptance of your self and the other but in order to do that desperation cannot be in the equation....First you have to be content alone a developed mind body soul and happyness you have created..if you cannot be happy with yourself what happiness can you bring to a relationship other than the physical? The physical last for what maybe 6 months? You will not attract anything more than that ubtil you have happiness and contentness mind body soul in consistance....

    Take care

  • Dear Turboxs

    Vedic astrology does not have 2 Sun considers your MOON sign to be more important than your Sun sign, that's all.. Hence a SAGITTARIAN with a TAURS MOON wiill be counted as a TAUREAN , before she is counted as a is a question of which planet takes precedence and in the EAST it is the MOON (the feminine), rather than the masculine (SUN's) energy which is the more important., the body's before the soul's if you like. .

    Peace and love

  • exactly so you have taurus as well and see how a sag has different why not just believe in yourself...why look to a astro to beleive in self or get a other person? just pay attention:)

    I do well, hey I am a reiki healer and counsel professional..and really help people...

    some ned it I guess?

    Take care")

  • It’s when you are confused about yourself that you will accept anything. You think you are lost, looking and maybe a bit frustrated and desperate. Self Discovery has the word self in it. The title means to trust intuition and apply your logic that lies within you and no one else. You are more likely to accept anything because you are at a confused state, so any verbiage from a zodiac etc will sound good and is a quick fix with ease to put instant pleasure to the “pain”. It’s when we are not developed, aka children, do we get influenced easily and mislead. Of course any zodiac sounds great, doesn’t it but I can analogize any zodiac to me because we all contain all those characteristics to some degree. We all feel that same emotions, so we all understand and exalt the same thoughts to get those emotions we all feel; anger, rage, confusion…etc. At a weak point in self when we say, “I am lost”, “I need”, “Help”. Do not forget those words; lost, confused, need; that’s when we are vulnerable not when we claim and feel personal power. We only have a title then to look at and we really should be looking at our name but again we are off path of enlightenment clearly, so we look to what is in the media and outer world, aka zodiac and the title that fits the birth date is what and only what we seem to measure with because the title that is our birth date. We often settle due to lack of convictions as well. Now onto opposing a zodiac again: Self Discovery; (Self) + (discovery) = discover self, self discovers self, self means solo, you. Discovery is time introspection, sacrifice and patience along with trust in self and believing in self after adventures and actions, experiences, choices, current placement, what has actually remained consistent in our lives? Ah the things we preserve and persevere, thus our values as well. Things we hold worthy to our nature and things we have ability in, ah our character developing already!

  • Dear Turboxs

    I totally agree with you about self-development and I applaud you for having the grit and determination to carve out your life for yourself without assistance and maternal input, but there are times, Turboxs ; the death of a child, friend, or loved one miscarriage, accidents etc , when we appear to be in the grip of forces much bigger than ourselves and with all the will in the world, our lives seem to be operating under some sort of curse.At those times we want to know why...religion will not give you an answer,,,,astrology often will; or at least indicate when the nightmare will end and hope keeps people alive. Without hope....well it would be easier to make an exit, should hope not exist . As they say, "Whatever get you through the night..."

    Astrology is another 'healing' tool..or I consider it so...Reiki for some; refloxology for others....all aim to heal .............Love and peace to you.

  • There are different uses for astrology. Some use it for forecasting, some as a “healing” tool and some are just plain old interested for whatever reason. Personally, I’m more interested human behaviour and human interaction. I have spent many years of soul searching on my own without any aids, so I do agree with you on that point. Btw, you come across as very “Sag” like to me. 🙂

  • Dear Aquabubbles

    It's good to meet up with you again. I wholeheartedly agree with your comment about: astrology being a useful tool for the study of:

    human behaviour and human interaction.

    What does Btw mean., please?

    Do you mean Holly is very Sag. (she is) or myself? I am an Aqua. with a Sun-Jupiter conjunction and a Saggie Ascendant in fact

    Peace and love,

  • I miss our discussions highpriestess and it is definitely good to meet up again.

    btw (by the way). Holly comes across as very Sag to me. I remember you're an Aqua, but not the Sun/Jupiter conjunction or Sag that you mention it..... 🙂

  • Dear Aquabubbles

    Yes indeed, we need to start up a dialogue again. ....I'll let you choose. Take care.

    Peace and love.

  • Hi highpriestess,

    How about transits? Have you had a look at them for 2011? I have some interesting ones coming up and I'd like to hear your views. I have no idea how they'll play out. If you're interested then I'll start a new thread sometime next week in Astrology. This week and coming weekend are going to be crazy for me.

  • Dear Aqua

    Sounds a great idea....transits it is ..Jupiter, Lilith. Chiron and of course that old s - d Saturn would be interesting.I'm away 2nd week of December though. Love and peace....

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