On Line Dating

  • Has anyone met really nice people dating online?....I mean,....do these people really want a long term relationship?....Marriage?.....or are they just playing on these sites?.....like entertainment?

    After being married 39 years, and after two years of being a widow, I decided to sign up on some dating sites. Wow!....These guys came on hot and strong.!....But what really surprised me, is the strong sexual content the men expect you to answer.....It seems to be backwards dating to me.

    You know, get to know someone and then discuss the future, but on the sites, the men want to discuss sex first to see what kind of partner you would be, and then maybe getting to know you!

    Does anyone think these sites are worth being on? I work to much, to be out and looking.

    I just might add, I have values and stick with them, and it has cost me a lot of dates.....lol.

  • I've honestly been on OKC (OK Cupid) for a little over a year now. I've met some really kickarse people, some a-holes, and just people who I got a bad vibe from. The best advice I have for you is to let people know up front on your profile what your values are, that you're not looking for sex first cracker out of the barrel. I personally think that the site's worth being on, just look for a friend first, and a relationship later. It's worked for me!

  • People are different when they are hiding behind a screen in a different state. If they are asking sexual loaded questions up front that is a que that they are playing. I met a few men online but mostly they are looking for sex or just to play.

  • I'm not very familiar with online dating. But I'm very hopeful because I am Sagittarius.

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