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  • Dear TS

    First of all, sorry to bug you(again).

    I wasn't able to make it in your last 3-question thread, the one you made for halloween... but truth be said, I had no actually burning questions at the time...

    But now, I do, and I hope you are able to give me some answers, as I feel trust in you. I can't see energy or anything, and even though I, as everyone, can feel things, I can barely recognize what I am feeling. Even so, I seem to feel like you radiate warmth, and I think that's what makes me trust what you say.

    Actually, I have come to believe more in my own reading capabilities than before(still veryyyy rough), but still I feel yours are more clear and trustworthy than mine, and I hope you can answer this.

    I realize your answers need to be guided, so if you are unable to answer it is ok, and I thank you for reading this in the first place.

    Here are the questions:

    (If you wish, I don't mind you asking your guides about my intentions for asking each question. I believe I have no bad intentions at all. Not sure if you have to have my authorization for doing it without having karma trouble, but I authorize you.)

    a - What's going on between me and Ana Rita I.(7th July Cancer Rita), AND ALSO what is going on between Ana Rita S.(22nd December Capricorn Rita) and me... how do they feel about me?

    b - Do I have a Karmic line with anyone with my class? What kind of karmic line is it(What do I have to do)?

    c - What is the surname of the girl who will be my wife? What is her sun sign?

    Thank you very much.


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  • dear david

    you are so sweet. why are you worried about who will be your wife. Her last name will begin with the letter S, her first name R or L. She will be a little round and very kind. she is a Libra. Ana Rita and Ana rita, have no bad intentions toward you. The Cancer is more of a friend, but I see no real problems with either one of them.

    Study hard.



  • Tysm for replying TS... I hope the 'a little round' isn't... well, extremely round... I don't want my wife dying very young from a heart attack or diabetes mellitus type 2, or stuff like that.

    Needs to help me raise the kids!! 😛

    Plus we can exercise together, more motivation to go jogging!

    And you're completely right, the Cancer is more of a friend. That's why I was kind of wondering(hoping?) there might be something else. But it doesn't matter. (I wasn't expecting any bad intentions xD)

    A hug to you 🙂


  • hi david

    just a little round. lol

  • hi david

    just a little round. lol

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