Gemini husband

  • Hi saglove10

    Please i beg of you to not stay in that marriage.I have been marry to a gemini man (adult male) for 27 years the first 2yrs where good we where getting to know each other.I was young 21 he 24 you couldnt tell me nothing i just knew i him the perfect mate.( Wrong )he did the same things your (adult male) is doing. They will look you dead in your eyes and lie to you like who me I'm not cheating and will accuse you of cheating just so you will leave them alone and get mad when you don't answer, your cell phone.I have been calling you where have you been? where you been,that you could'nt answer your phone? Oh you been out with somebody that is why you didn't answer the phone let me find out somebody you have been with some guy someone is going to get hurt. Like he dont want to do things with you but can do with someone else.(another women) and will get mad if you are smiling and laugh, talk with another guy, and which out for the twin (that is the dark side)that they dont want anyone to see that is lurking inside of them. And once you see it continue to which out for it they can be very controlling, very manipulative will put you down, make you feel like you are the one who made them have the affairs. They can also be very confusing and try and say that you are the confusing one that you have a problem so you close yourself out from friends and family and just stay home waiting for him to come in all hours of the night and morning say he was out and got drunking and couldnt make it home. All the whole is with the(other women) she doesnt care about you are how you feel other wise when she find out he was married she would have said you are married go home to your wife.They can also be like children when something doesnt go there way(finances) are short for him so he gets money from you and doesnt pay it back ,when you ask for it he is like but im your husband you are suppose to help me out.sounds like (your child) does he. Please dont stay in your marriage He has(hurt you) for to long as it is please please get out of that relationship that you are in. (Karma )

    is something else lesson to you gut and dont say get out, he only beggs because he wants control of you also get counselor for yourself.( I have to get counselloring for myself so that i can be happy again I want to love again and be in love. And please dont fall for the marriage counselloring game either been there to he said it didnt help him we didnt even have 6 weeks it before he said that. Please dont stay it will only get worse overtime. Please take my advice and get some help for yourself. I hope this insite will help you out.

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