Question from my nephew...can you help?

  • Allow us to give you some description of his life thus far. When he was born he was breech, with the umbilical cord wrapped 3 times around his neck. Within weeks of his birth he contracted spinal meningitis and was the only one of three people in this country to survive the form he had, the only child to survive it, relatively unscathed. His father saw what we describe as "the cloak" the image of death in the black cloak w/ a sickle standing at the foot of their bed before he was born. He saw it again when he was an infant and then the meningitis was diagnosed. Since then he has a traumatic life, issues with his mother that were utterly ridiculous. He ended up in social services away from the family home for a number of years. He has suffered recurring issues with his back. He has married an absolute whacko who has set him up for issues with the police numerous times. Time and time again he has suffered at the hands of others or from the actions of others. There have been other times in his life he has felt followed by the cloak or was rather aware of his presence. This may all sound like a mess and it is unfortunately it's also his life. Tonight as we discussed other matters within my household he posed the question to me "Is it possible for a soul to take on another souls debt?" I think what he means by that is, is it possible the life he has struggled with is a penance of sorts to pay a debt for the choices of another?

    Also he is extremely aware. He is constantly surrounded by other entities, not all of which are evil but they seem to be attracted to him. Is there a reason?

    Please share with me your thoughts on this and any advice you can give.

  • Dear RCDreamer,

    This is an ununual request but I will try to give you the best I can with the knowledge I have to give. Your nephew is very strong willed and he has fought to survive when he entered this world. His father was invisioning death around him because of his drumatic birth. I feel that he had to much negative influnce from his birth family and therefore was fostered out, which lead to more negativity in his life. Negative draws negative in that he than experience a bad marriage in which he should have grown from, some do not have happy childhoods and still overcome what they were brought up in. Your nephew does not have to pay anyone elses soul debt, however there is a karma that we all have to be aware of, like the golden rule.

    The entities he speaks of being surrounded by just may be angels in disguise trying to break through the negative mind set and help him to start to think and move in a more positive direction. He has to want to change his life and for the better. He needs to find a new circle of friends and begin again. We all suffer at the hands of others in this lifetime, no one escapes this in some form or another. The hard lessons we learn help us to develope our inner strength and leads us to just sometimes fall to our knees and ask God above for help and guidence. He always listens and will answer our prayers and needs in his due time and in his divine way. I hope this helps as this is what I felt to write to you.

    The entities that surround him may need to be looked into by a medium. I am not one.

    God Bless

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • Shuabby,

    Thank you for your response. I will pass it along to my nephew in hopes he it will help in some way. I know there is much for him to learn. He will join us on tarot eventually, he is just getting computer savvy and learning. With your permission I will have him approach you with any further questions he may have regarding your read. Please know he was outside of the home for a time but not indefinitely. There is much drama tied to his mother. I am trying to help him see things more positively.

  • Dear RCdreamer,

    God love you for your loving heart and trying to help him move forward in a postive way. Yes you have my permission to tell him that if he has any other questions. I'm here to answer them to the best of my abiitly.


  • bump nephew has joined under Salems Giles

  • RC Dreamer,

    Wonderful to hear that news. I will go and welcome him.

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