Still need help, my fellow Aquarians, readers, and Libras, help...

  • I still don't know what to do. I'm still confused. I'm trying to stabilize but I am missing something. I want to express but I feel cowardly, unsure of myself. I am unsure of myself. Everything, and I mean everything in my life, has become a mess to me and I cannot fix it because I'm not even sure what I want to do with anything anymore. It's like trying to solve a math equation but the equation is composed of "x"s. So "x" + "x" =??????????.

    Quenkath, hi. I haven't seen you for a while on the forum. How are you? You're a great person and I wish I could have asked you a bit more. I find your advice/answers always sensible and reasonable. You have been very patient. You are clear and have a very strong sense of justice. It makes sense to me and it helps.

    Hans, I saw on the forum a while ago that you are an Aquarius. I was surprised and I smiled. Have no reason why I did but I did 🙂 To be blunt, I never really seek out readers because I have no idea how it works. Does is it read from me, my interpretation or others or both...or? You also have been very patient, I am grateful. I find myself desperate for answers, a resolve. You are wise and I can see that you care. I really do appreciate that. You make me think and I find myself not so wise. I have lost myself.

    Ethereal, thank you for reaching out to me. Unfortunately I didn't catch your email. I don't know if you're on the forum anymore. I wish everything is well for you. I used to be very intuitive to others' situation, I'm not sure anymore but if you need help or advice, I will always try for you as you did for me.

    I'm lost. Truly lost. Not only lost in the situation but lost in everything. I wish time would stop for a while. Then again, I seem to be living in "La La Land".

  • Captain, thank you for the reading.I'm am also very grateful to you. It was inspirational. You were very accurate about my sensitivity. I often have fears, to the point where people think I'm paranoid. I often rationalize, I like things clear and make sense. I like to lay things under the sun. I am more and more unable to trust and I wear a very heavy armor. I...I'm going blank.

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