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  • Hi, need help with a reading. I asked if there's anything i can do to mend things with this man and i got 1. Wheel of fortune 2.Queen of Swords 3.Two of cups. Thanks

  • was this a past- present -future reading you drew for yourself? Without more information I am unable to help.

    If it was past-present-future then it represents the past as a wheel of change spinning

    The middle card would represent the present which means honesty

    The last card would be future - which could mean forgiveness or being in-sync with each other.

    Depends on the question you asked exactly and the draw you made. What does each card position represent?

  • I just i asked my question and drew 3 cards

  • Then I would have to say they are telling you to be honest with him and yourself and forgive.

  • Thank u

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