How do i know if a cancer man DOES NOT like me?

  • I met a cancer guy a year ago.We aren't dating but i like him.He is so kind,staring at me too much.He is adorable to all the girls,he is also so kind to them.I made it clear that i like him.He didn't do anything ,he sends me mixed signals.I read about the cancer men that they can't say no to girls although they are not in love,because they don't want to hurt you.Are they really sure about their feelings when they like someone?How can i understand if that cancer man doesn't like me?

  • Make no mistake about the Cancer YES they can have a sweet nature, but if for some reason you're not their type (romantically speaking) they will let you know. They will just do it gently...or if after you divulge your feelings and suddenly they are dogging you in the corridors...that's usually a clue too. If he is INTO prepared for some Cat and Mouse. They enjoy a good chase. It's also in Cancer character to feel a need to leave some things unsaid for the sake of being mysterious. They are private individuals, and you will not get to know everything about them overnight as you might with some of the other SIGNS. Be Warned! They don't want to know everything about you in one sitting either. Be somewhat aloof with him, yet cordial. They tend to lean toward those who exude an air of confidence (not to be confused with arrogance) If in a room where you and your Cancer are present along with another male I suggest giving most of your attention to the other male making only occasional eye contact with the Cancer followed by the briefest of smiles. (Spsst the Cat and Mouse Game) Learn it...use it 😉

    ~The very best of luck to you brett119

  • If a cancer doesn't like you ,you'll know it.If he is into you the game will start as vanillaskies said.He doesn't want to get you easily.If he wants you be prepared the push-pull thing ,it won't be easy.Cancer men are gentle,but they are very determined people if they really love someone.

  • If a man is interested you WILL know it. .Cancer or not.

  • Don't get closer or you better be careful,Looks action can be deceiving they are manipulative and makes you feel insecure soon .If they noticed your in to him. You better watch out cos it will turn your world down. I'm not trying to be mean but I had experience it twice and it breaks my heart and it takes so long to built my confidence and need to retreat myself at the moment.I can easily get along to anyone and never felt dumped but this sign makes me feel sick.I just want them to be friend and take that seriously,but I'm a bit confused my close friend same sign get jealous and turn to lied so much to us.Till we found out she making story and take advantage of us.

  • annielan ,He is manipulative because he noticed i am into him.I fell insecure now as you said.I can't undersatnd his feelings clearly.

  • I said once he sends me mixed signals maybe he doesn't like me but he pretends he does.Oh,i can't really understand how he feels.Maybe he loves to be loved and he doesn't want to lose my attention.

  • ".I made it clear that i like him.He didn't do anything "

    What does this tell you?

  • I agree with Dangala ===> ".I made it clear that i like him.He didn't do anything "

    What does this tell you?

  • wow! vanillaskies, I really like your advice. gonna work my magic.

  • my guy got really manipulative wfter i told him i love him. and he then turned on me

  • dangala, yes, you WILL know it. but why do cancer men change their mind to not like you, so effortlessly?

  • Hi! There Brett 119 , whatta name hey .. Lol,.. Wow I was in your shoes before Missy and I'm having my holiday away from him. I don't even want to go home sometimes I'm holding a messed in my unit. To tell you frankly sweety.. I've through nearly 9 yrs.relationship . And after 5 to 6 yrs decided give it a go for a date unfortunately I'm still single no one hurt me like this and I wonder why I cut myself so short for him. I hardly knew this guy but his quite taught . His a good pretender I can see myself in you but I want you to think about it. He will eat you alive like a predator . No treat me like a piece of shit , I honestly earned respect to anyone and some of the guy I used to go out. He knows that your into him it's a signal pull stop. ..OMG!!! I'm so worried to you.. I am sorry but that's how I feel . When we started talking his asking me if I dated someone I said to him I used to but something comes so I let him go. Guess what he said to me that he doesn't want to get closer to me while I'm dating someone.Meaning his so selfish while I know that his dating some girls. To cut the story short I said to him that I hated the guy seeing me and having sex. We both late 30's . After that he never ever msg or ring me.I felt bad cos I miss him . One day I find myself calling him and telling him that I'm ready to have intimate relationship. He told me that let's see how we go no rushing. And the funny think was after hooked up you will never hear anything to him not unless I will message him . He made me so needy and started to get insecure. I was so surprised he told me that his gona be away for holiday atleast 1 month that is cool I'm so jealous cos I like travelling and he knows that I'm thinking that I wish he wil ask me to go with but it never happen. I'm kinda upset but that's fine one months not that long and he telling me that he doesn't want to bring his mobile it's okey lol.. I guess his trip end up only in 1week . He lied to me his still having a long distance relationship and I was so mad at him cos the girl sending me nasty email. She humilated me so much and putting me down I've been demoralized by his Gf. But , I do understand her I don't want it to happen to me. I decided not to answer her several email I shut up myself and try to convince myself I'll be fine. He came home and started to ask why? He was aware that I don't want to go out to anyone who's having hidden agenda. Till then I always had a doubt his just using me poor thing to me. We hardly talk and his only visiting me when his having when he feel it. I'm very showy and vocal that I do like him. He started to change talking shit to me leave him alone,bitch, slut, you ruined my life. F words and threatening me if I didnt stop messaging him or sending email his gona ask someone to break in at my placeabd gw doesn't wanna seeing me again and make sure I won't get closer other wised his gona hit me. I don't know bur his an animal an asshole...I'm getting emotional again. I got to go be careful please thanks...

  • "dangala, yes, you WILL know it. but why do cancer men change their mind to not like you, so effortlessly?"

    I don't think it has anything to do with their star sign.... More to do with who they are and what type of partner they attract and vice versa...If your partner is manipulating you and playing games they are doing it because THEY CAN and because you are letting them by sticking around.

    Sure there are always challenges in relationship, most are workable when BOTH want the same thing. These issues occur when one is not into the relationship but wants someone around anyway... or when one is using the other for their own means... that is not love or even friendship..why put up with it?

    Before one goes into a relationship one needs to love themselves first, have limits on what they will and wont put up with. Know when to say enough is enough, otherwise you will encounter people like this all your life.. Why should someone treat you any better that how you treat yourself.

  • Nice one Dangala.. I admit that I allow him to manipulate me . Back in my mind it's okey may be he didn't mean to do that and I'm gonna wait for the perfect timing to talk about it. But how will I have a perfect timing if he never keep it touch with m. I felt bad cos the more you want to know him. The more they his fade away and when you open it to him. He said go away , leave me alone, I don't care what ever you want to say, plus the non stop swearing that no one on my life doing that to me. I shallow my pride to show him that I care about him and willing to love him unconditionally , but hearing those worlds to the one you love more than yourself .I'm so totally mentally drain .He forgot what he said at the very beginning and when you analyzed everything. He have to many guys and having fun

  • Sorry for having typo graphical error .. I'm only you sing my mobile all the best guys

  • Sorry for having typo graphical error .. I'm only you sing my mobile all the best guys

  • dangala is again correct

    Hermetic principle : Everything starts from within

  • Thank you so much girls..

    I have a close friend who's also a cancer male.He is so sweet ,caring,kind and he is very good friend.He goes after what he wants.He loved a girl and he asked her date.She said 'NO'.But he never gave up,he chased her,he went her home ,brought her flowers like every men who's in love.At last his girl decided to say yes then they started dating.My man chases me but never do a thing directly.That's why i asked this question.He always feels me needdy and insecure.I tried to do everything what he wanted from me.Now i am sick and tired.

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