Help for my SCARED friend-PLEASE!!

  • My best friend Nancy P. (birthdate 3/30/60) is having horrible problems in her life; it's one thing after another and they are becoming more fequent.

    • Husband lost his job

    • Right after she turned 50 he thinks he wants a divorce because he feels nothing for her.

    • He was very "friendly" with another woman but says that's over - who knows?

    • HER job is in jeopary, they lost her transcripts (twice)

    • She gave them a copy of her original transcripts and they are now telling her she doesn't have the acedemics necessary for the job she's had for 10 years! She has to pass an exam in order to keep her job - MAYBE

    • Woke up last week with her knee swollen, got an mri and now may need surgery to remove a possible cyst - more testing required.

    • Sunday walking in the park to clear her mind got bit by a dog - ugly bite and she's very sore

    • NOW weird things are happening in her house; seeing shadows, lamps being turned over, doors slamming, things falling off the counter VERY CREEPY!

    I've said prayers for her and I listen but I think something is really wrong! Does anyone have any insight or advice for my dear friend? Is it just a string of bad luck or is something more going on in her life? BLESSINGS!!

  • It's not bad luck - it's the Universe and her guides trying to get through to her for her own good. If she doesn't start listening, she will just experience more and more problems.

    What she is being told -

    Her job is not good for her and the company is not an ethical or unselfish workplace

    Her husband is not good for her and is not an ethical or unselfish person

    Her health is deteriorating because she is not happy (dis-eased) but not doing anything about it. Knee problems indicate a psychological problem in moving forward.

    Doors are slamming, things are falling, and noises being made to WAKE HER UP out of her rut/dream/apathy and to get her into a new happier easier lifestyle where she has gotten rid of the things and people she doesn't need. Unless she makes an effort to clean up her life, things will only get worse. her own unhappiness is at the root of all this trouble. She is being far too naive and must discipline herself to set tangible goals and achieve them, rather than just drifting through life and hoping everything will miraculously work out. She needs to get out and really LIVE life rather than retreat from the world. These events are not 'bad luck' or designed to dampen her natural enthusiasm or creativity, but meant to inspire and encourage her to make necessary changes with newfound pragmatism. Your friend needs her bosses and her husband and everyone around her to take her more seriously, and this will only happen if she stands up and makes herself heard.

  • Captain,

    I didn't believe it was just bad luck and she thinks maybe it's some "negative energy" around her; however, it seems these things can be seen as "positive" happenings from her guides - IF SHE LISTENS AND ACTS!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR INSIGHT!!! I so appreciate you sharing your gift!! Blesssings from a friend!

  • The negative energy comes from her unhappiness and the bad people/things she lets come into and stay in her life. People often look outside themselves for the cause of their troubles because they don't want to look at themselves as the source. That would mean they had to do something and make changes to themselves.

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