Reading Please??

  • This year hasn't been there best of years for me it's like a repeat of last year, I was wondering if someone could give me a reading regarding my Love Life, Me and my ex had a bad break up, theres been alot of mind games going on....

  • Dear AngelGirl,

    It feels like you and your ex have always been at odds on some levels even before you married him. He sometimes frightens you and you give in to his wants. I really feel like you need a support group and a woman named Hilda is coming in here, if you do not know her you will and she feels like a good person. Listen to her please, as it seems that you did not want to listen to people before this time period. Now that you are open to learning and changing your life. The year of 2011 will find you doing just that. You may move far enough away from your ex mentally and physically that the bond is finally broken. Do you have two children a girl and a boy? I feel also that you may think that another man will fill the gap of how empty you sometimes feel inside, honey not now it won't as you have some inner soul work to do. Find a good Metaphysical church and let some healers work with you to bring you inner peace, than you will be sent the gift of a truer , deeper love through a spiritual man. I hear the name of John also coming in around you.

    Better Days Coming

    Happy Thanksgiving


  • Hello Shuabby, I didn't have no commitment with him, or any children, Your right about not listening to people, I am actually going to seek counseling, my ex is acting very wrongly towards me it's asif he's seeking some kind of revenge, It's like he gets a kick out of trying to hurt me more than he did, I mean he broke up with me now I'm having to suffer more, I do feel lonely and feel that I wan't him back knowing he's not right mentally, I still love him and wish i could work things out but I can't see clearly right now.

    Thanks for writing here shuabby

    Sends love and light


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