Calling out to all Scorpio's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Casper, you're absolutely right, you do not need that drama. How can he expect to start a relationship with anyone living in this manner? He must not truly care for the woman or the children if he's willing to have multiple realtionships. Honesty and faithfulness are what relationships are built on.

    He invited you to prom and has two or three children? I hope they belong to the other woman. He sounds extremely young. Too young to be raising three children, which is obvious since he's not giving them the devotion that they need.

    You're right, I would not want to be tangled up in that web. If he is trying to see you behind her back, then most likely he will do the same thing to you. Do you really want that? There are a lot of faithful, honest men in the world that would love to make you just as happy.

    As far as... not wanting him to think you do not like him, that should be the last thing on his mind. He has another woman and children he needs to be thinking about. If he keeps insisting, I would tell him this. Explain that he is with someone and has responsibilities toward them and you are not a home wrecker, as they call it nowadays. Casper, it seems like you lucked up. Maybe not so much for the other woman, but you did. Enjoy it!

    I hope your holidays are wonderful and filled with many blessings. You did the right thing.

  • Hi ConfusedScorpion: Well - I think my Scorpio friend is more confused than you - he finally came to do the work for me - he had, in fact, gone out of town to do what he previously had decided not to do. He spent 3 days doing the work at my house and the last day was just a couple hours of "clean up work" It was Christmas even and I asked him if he would like to stay for dinner but he said he had to go - "we have plans" I assume that the "we" was him and his girlfriend - although it could have been him and his son. It drives me nuts how he never mentions his GF by her name - she's like this appendage or something. As he was sitting in his car about to leave and we were saying goodbye - "have a nice XMAS etc." I thanked him for getting the work done work and reached out to touch his arm. He took my hand and we held hands and gazed into each other's eyes for a moment. I cannot even describe the way he looked at me. It was like - out of a movie. Either he is incredibly grateful for having me as a friend, or he is on the verge of falling for me - or may have already fallen. And then - he drove away.

    (Kind of like reading a really great story and then have it end with "and then he woke up.)

    The reason I bring this up is because I think it may partially illustrate the difficulty some have with verbally discussing a relationship - even just feelings. He has told me that he really, really likes me. And I will bet that is the best he can do for now. I am wondering if it may be because it is relatively easy to say "I love you" to someone when you do love them on some scale, but to actualy be "in love" may be a truly frightening experience. To "fall in love" would mean that you would lose a certain sense of being in control over a situation.

    I am wondering if - given a Scorpio's tendency towards secretiveness and needing to know how things tick and liking to be the on edoing the pursuing rather than being the pursued - if there isn't a fear here of a loss of control.

    (This is the only time this has happened with this person - if it happens again, I will be dumbfounded )

  • Hey Turtledust, that's a cute name!!

    I'm so glad he came through for you and eased your worries. Although, it would have been nice to check in with you and say hey, this is what's going on with me, at least he followed through before your deadline. I know you're relieved now, what a great Christmas present!

    Ah, the eyes spoke.... Sometimes, a person's eyes can say more than their mouth ever could. My husband that died would look into my eyes and tell me things without speaking, it was so magical. I could never fully explain it. Sometimes we were standing and sometimes he would lay on the couch next to me and it seemed like he talked to me with his eyes for thirty minutes or more. I miss that. It was as if I could read his heart and soul of how much he loved me. Not lust, but love, true love. There's nothing better than a romance where the unsaid is heartfully known. When he did say things, I knew he meant it because I had already felt it.

    He can't discuss his feelings because he has a gf. You're right, the pursuing is very scary to them but needed to thrive. If it happens again, things will probably change. And I'm going to leave it at that. 🙂

  • ConfusedScorpion,

    Hope you had a great holiday. My Scorpio actually does not know about my loss as of yet. I took you and Divinemuse's advice and I pulled away and of course...he came back full force. He went out of state to spend the holiday with some of his mother's family. He really didn't stop texting me for one minute while he was gone...sent photos of him and the family, etc. I figured at this point I would just wait until we see each other this weekend and then let him know what has been going on in my life. I know his father has been ill too. It's been rather crazy with this huge Northeaster snow storm over by me. He was stuck and could not get back home until yesterday. We both wanted to see one another but it was just too crazy outside to travel. I'm hoping that we can possibly get together this weekend and catch up. Hope you have a great holiday this weekend. Hope to bring you good news about me and my Scorpio soon....POSITIVE THINKING!!!!

    Thanks again and be blessed!


  • Hi all,

    I have a question,

    I was in a relationship with a scorpio for 1 1/2 years then a female from his past came back into his life and he left me to be with her even though he says that is not the way it was. When he left he said he needed time to think and then I found out that he was living with her,which the night he left know he went to her..9 months after being with her, he is engaged to her..The whole time he was with me he told me that he was happy with me and could spend the rest of his life with me and that he loved me, then she came in the picture and wouldn't back off.Well, it has been a year since we split and he told me that we couldn't even be friends cause it wasn't a good idea and that it wouldn't be good for his relationship now..but if I message him every now and then he does respond at times.. What did he mean by it wouldn't be a good idea?after all that we went through together , just don't get what the problem with friendship would be..I do still love him. He made me happy and it was the first time in my life that I have been truely happy and I haven't really been happy since....still confused..just would like some insight if possible..Help... 🙂

  • ConfusedScorpion,

    Happy New Year!!! Hope you are well. I just wanted to reach out to you and send you some good energy this year. Things between my Scorpio and me are coming along....slowly very slowly LOL but its moving. I'd rather it move slow so that he knows that he is really making the right choice as opposed to moving too quickly like this Cancer guy that I dated..he was wayyyy too smothering and intense and after 5 1/2 months realized that I was not going at his pace and he decided to give up. Oh well, I guess everything happens for a reason.

    Sending positive energy and blessings your way....Aries22 🙂

  • ConfusedScorpion,

    Hi Sorry I couldnt get back to you in November when I started this topic, Im the first one on this topic just remind youself. I just read what you wrote and first off all thank you for taking time out to write so much for me and it was very helpful indeed it made sense. Im back on here again as im having bit of an issue with him again, well soon after I stared that topic and told you about what was happening an dme not understanding what he was saying well after a month, he walked away from me. Well he knew my parents would never except him as he is widowed and had two small kids abd were are Indian and my parents would be against me marrying him but his family would be very happy. our text message got to the stage of marriage, he was aksing me "would i treat his kids as my own" and then would say " i know you will do" he then said "all we need to do now is try and get your parents to accept" which I knew would never happen, well he came round my house for tea with his cousins (his family and my family are family friends and they know him well, so he generally came round for tea (my parents did not know there was a relationship between us they no nothing) but the reason he cam round was to suss them out i think and see what they are like kind of a thing.

    After a few days I dont know what happened he just decided to wlak away by saying that things are too complicated and deep down you know it wont work out as my parents will never except him, he also said i didnt mean all this to happen and im sorry.

    We still meet on family gatherings, congregations, he will look at me when im looking away and soon as i turn round he will look away, he will avoid eye to eye contact, he just wont make an eye contact he will do evreything else but will avoid eye to eye contact.

    Why is he doing that????? How does he feel about me? does he love me?

    could you please help me here!!

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