Calling out to all Scorpio's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi All,

    Need Help!!!!!!!!1

    What does it mean if a scorpion male says " you have a place in his heart"

    also if earlier on in the relationship he would say on texts " you will end up falling in love with me lol" and the following things:

    "did you not miss me?"

    "you only write miss you when i ask you"

    "have you had your breakie? (he woudl always ask about breaki, lunch, diner if i have had)

    Also i have noticed that when he has had bit of drink he would ask me questions like: "you wana marry me?" and i would not reply and then the next morning he would say sorry i shouldnt have asked you that question". he also at one point asked me "do you have strong feelings for me or you love me" Why does he ask these questions? what is he trying to do?

    Also wheni met him face to face first time we ere talking about our situation and whikle we were talking i was trying to work him out through his actions but was very hard as he wouldnt give much away and he even said to me " are you getting frustrated as your not getting any reaction" i thought how cheeky he knew tho what i was doing, he then kept saying "i want to hear it from the horses mouth" why did he say that? what did he want to hear?

    please tell me x

  • I can't tell you personally what he is feeling or thinking but I am a Scorpio female and I am with a Scorpio male. This is one of the best and worst relationships I've ever had. Scorpios generally are very deep people and feel more emotions I think than others. We go to extreme highs to extreme lows at the drop of a hat. We are very strong minded and can be very vunerable in love or very stand-offish in love if hurt. We forgive easy, but if it keeps happening without change we become very bitter and we withdraw. We read body language very well and forget that other people cannot feel what we feel and we forget that some people maybe ???? aren't capable of the kind of love we have to offer. We take it for granted that they should know how much we love them since we are even with them. We are very loyal if we're matured. We can be very sneaky and much doesn't get past us. We seem to know other's intentions too often. Some people think we are too deep and too emotional but this is the hardest thing for a scorpio to overcome, our minds are constantly going. We don't trust others if we feel like their is something wrong. We try but it is a nagging feeling. We desperately want to be loved and respected. My male scorpio has very low self esteem when it comes to love and is always questioning my love for him. It drives me up the wall. He wouldn't know how much I love him if I snatched my heart out and gave it to him. And the same is true for me. We are always wondering.... unfortunately that's our down fall. We have to learn to sit back breathe and just believe. Easier said than done for some scorpios.

    If he told you that you have a place in his heart, he probably really means it. We usually don't say things we don't mean unless we've been dramatically pushed past our limits.

    Scorpios are very romantic and love to shower our mate with attention and affection. If we are treated fairly we wll treat you like a queen or king and go out of our way to do things for you without you asking. We forget that true love isn't about receiving, it's about giving. We want to give and receive. 🙂

    The part about falling for him, maybe he dreams of you falling for him and this is how he thinks he should express it or maybe he has a high ego, not sure. My scorpio male doesn't always approach things in the best way. For example, if he's ready to go to bed and I'm not. Instead of saying baby I have a hard time sleeping without you, he pouts and lets rude things slip out instead of what he's really feeling. Sometimes, they go about things the wrong way and it makes the situation worse. They don't even realize they are doing it.

    Saying you only write miss me when I ask, maybe he wants you to express how you feel about him without him asking you. There goes that always questioning part maybe.

    As far as saying things after drinking. Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to say touchy things. It takes a while for some scorpios to muster the courage to ask things. We are not good at asing things. I was also asked to wed under the influence and I told him that I would like to be asked sober to be sure it's what he truly wants. Maybe your guy later thought that he had offended you and didn't want to make you uncomfortable so that may have been his way of apologizing. ????

    As far as him not showing a reaction to your questions, you have to make sure you let them know that you refuse to play games and if that's the kind of relationship they are looking for, they will not find it with you. state what you want in a guy, loyalty, honesty, laughter, respect, goals, etc. It's best to get everything out in the beginning because if you let something slip once or twice they will always do it if they feel like it's ok. Don't get me wrong, my scorpio is very romantic and does things that other men have never done. Such as, rose petals throughout house and bedroom, candles, looking at the stars together, watching movies and cuddling, washing my back, helping my kids with things, talking to kids when I obviously can't, fishing and hunting together, many different good memories. It can be wonderful or it can be awful. It depends on how you respond to him. Do not allow him to become your focus in life. Show your love or feelings but also play a little hard to get so he is doing the courting.

    Saying I want to hear it from the horses mouth maybe meant he wanted to hear you say I love you. not sure....

    sorry if this wasn't enough help.

  • May I ask a Scorpio question as well?

    What does this mean, coming from a Scorpio male? " I really really like you. "Don't push me away. "We have plenty of time" "I am in a relationship now - but who knows how long that will last?"


  • I am a little confused... is he in another relationship with someone else telling you to hold on that you have plenty of time and not to push him away? If he says he really likes you then he obviously does but if he is seeing someone else and thinking of you then that is wrong. He must be lost and very confused. There is something obviously there with his other relationship if he's not willing to walk away. In his mind, maybe he knows that the other relationship isn't going anywhere or it's not someone that he wants to grow old with. Only he can give you these answers. It could be that he doesn't want to hurt the other person or maybe they did something for him that he feels he owes them. It could be that he hasn't matured yet and thinks its okay to see more than one person. Does this other person know about you? Some relationship experts think it is okay to see multiple partners "to play the field" to figure out what you are looking for in a person. I don't like hurting people and I make it clear in beginning what I am looking for so I am not a person to date multiple partners. To each his own though, everyone is different.

    How do you feel about him? You must care for him to take the time to ask but is he someone you can see being with long term? Before you dig into a scorpio and have them all for yourself, make absolute sure it's what you want and that they are nice and will treat you with respect. If the other person doesn't know about you and he's secretly making plans with you, who is to say he won't do the same thing with you.

    Make him work and wait for you if you want his respect. If he really cares for you, he will wait no matter how long it takes. You do not have to be rude or hurt him, but you can try being just friends with him until he gets his mind straightened out. But I must warn you, that might drive him crazier to be with you and pursue you more.

    As I'm writing this, I thought to ask you... are you pursuing him instead of the other way around? Is that why he is saying I am in a relationship and don't push me away? If so, then it sounds like he does believe in loyalty which is a good thing. If this is the case, then be nice and continue with your life. Let him see you happy, not corny happy, just happy and at peace. If it's meant to be, it will work out in due time. Scorpios hate being in uncomfortable situations, so be very careful if you are pursuing him, he might actually stop talking to you all together. If he is just learning that you care for him and he also cares for someone else but had rather be with you, he will work it out in his own time. Scorpios are careful planners and usually are very discreet. If he feels the same way about you then you do not need to push it, he will do what needs to be done but it may take a while. Be careful though, when someone leaves a relationship, especially a scorpio, we need time to reflect and find ourself again, so take it very slow. I wouldn't advise jumping into a relationship right after he breaks up with another. He may have baggage that he needs time to get over or it could interfere in your relationship. Does this other person love him and make him happy? There are many things to consider. Be careful with karma, you don't want to take him from someone, only to lose him to someone else. Patience goes a long way in love.

    If you could explain the situation a liitle more, I may be able to help better.

    Best wishes turtledust.

    Always have faith in yourself and smile.

  • OMG! ConfusedScorpion,

    I'm am "confused" that you even have "confused" in your name 🙂 You are everything BUT "confused" about 'us'; your name is an oxymoron alongside what you express/share concerning us Scorpions! I couldn't tell if you were talking about you or me! You certainly have 'us' down to a T 🙂 Very constructive and enlightening, I must say. Though your insights weren't intended for me, from one Scorpio woman to another, I'm encouraged, thank you! 🙂

  • Thanks ConfusedScorpion! wow - you really got the situation on both sides. I think you are right - I think he really does like me and he has to work out things on his own. I do not want someone who I have to prove myself to so I am not really pursuring him. He is not pursuing me either. We are good friends but I get the feeling that if we spent too much time together things could get sticky and we are both entangled in our own issues at the moment. I also do not want the bad Karma of having the finger pointed at me as someone who broke up a relationship - yuck! - His GF is like a shadow. He never mentions her or what they do toogether - if anything. He talks about what he does with his kids. Tells me all kinds of stuff. But he never mentions her - either she is very perfect and he has nothing to talk about , or she is very boring and he has nothing to talk about

  • Transformed - LOL!!!!! When I was creating a username I had no idea what to use. Some that I really wanted were taken. I was confused. lol You're right though, everytime I look at it I think how can anyone take me serious if I have confused in my name!!! Any suggestions on a better name??? 🙂

    Honestly, I might know a lot about us scorpios but I do get confused. I have a hard time fighting my mind. I'm not crazy but I've had a lot happen in the past few years that most will never experience in a lifetime and I get really confused. I know God doesn't put more on us than we can handle and it seems like the strongest individuals go through extra trials but I have been trying really hard to overcome the last three years and find myself feeling defeated very often. It's a pain that is very hard to shake. I have tried everything but I seem to feel depressed and battle with extreme fatgiue. My mind is motivated, but my body isn't. I'm having a hard time with my gifts, I feel blocked and it gets frustrating. .... So confused scorpion was created.

    I'm so glad you feel encouraged by my thoughts. It was really nice to hear. Sometimes we wonder what others may think of us because we're too complex at times. It's a wonder we have friends and loved ones who stick with us. lol Seriously, we have really huge hearts and love to put others first. Have a nice day!!

  • Turltedust - it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. You seem to already know what I said but maybe wanted confirmation. Who knows what the future will bring? It's a good thing that he doesn't bad mouth his gf, that says a lot about his character. I am like that, I can be spittin mad at my family but once I walk away from the situation, I don't discuss it with others that I see or talk to. I just don't like making others look bad to someone else. I have a friend that I can tell anything to and she doesn't judge but scorpios still don't tell all. We hate being judged! Even if we think they won't, we are still very private. I do know male scorpios that are the complete opposite though, they tell everybody everything, even personal things! I think these are the ones that haven't matured yet. Then they turn around and say I hate people knowing my business. ??? Those are the REALLY confusing scorpios.

    Good luck with your friend. And honestly, scorpio men make awesome friends. I think I like the friendship better than dating them. Its more relaxing and definitely more fun. You don't have to worry about their petty jealousy or other issues that crop up when it's just the two of you.

  • Thanks ConfusedScorpion: The lack of mention of his GF has always bothered me. Sometimes I get "my g..irlfriend" - once I got - "I have to go because my girlfriend's family is in town and we have to go do "that" as he looked off into the distance. But he never says - we ent to a great movie - or we had a nice dinner at XX restauarant. I will here "i have to go see my buddy" or my buddy is over here watching a game with me - Or I went to listen to this great band last Friday. I will get all the dirt about his exwife and we talk about problems with our kids - especially the adolescents. We talk about books, economy, and all kinds of other stuff - but his GF is like - invisible. I know she's there. Never mentions her by name. Just weird - that's all.

    Mostly I am too busy to worry about this but I started wondering about it again - its like a puzzle that I just keeo trying to solve.

  • Maybe he's falling for you and is replacing you with her when he's with you...... Hmmmm.... just a thought.

    When they are pursuing you, they never mention other women until after you're together. Does that make sense?

  • ConfusedScorpion,

    I love your words of wisdom and have actually saved them so that I can refer to them later LOL.

    I have been dating my Scorpio guy for about 5 years now on and off. He's very hot and cold. Initially there was a girlfriend that had an unnatural hold on him (if you know what i mean) and he knew she was all wrong for him, would often try to leave her but she would manipulate his mind and reel him back in. He and I would get together when they were done and it was always good. I can tell that he feels relaxed and comfortable with me as do I with him. The ex is finally out of the picture (I HOPE) but he is now in a state of fear of committment. He thinks that every woman he meets will be like his ex and will want to take advantage of his kindness and good fortune.

    I feel like we are soulmates but he is so hard to figure out and he doesn't do a good job of communicating his feelings. I have been told that he has been hurt an awful lot in the past and so he sees me as this "too good to be true" woman who is out for something. I have been told that he is fearful of getting into something serious because he is assuming I will take advantage of him. I truly love him and I won't do that to him but I am so tired of waiting....He tells me he loves me, he wants to marry me, he wants me to have his child...also said these things while under the influence but I am so scared of being hurt by him that I don't want to put myself out there and then have him turn his back. I don't know what to do...should I hang in there or just bail????


    Yours truly,


  • Hi ConfusedScorpion - hmmm - I never thought about it that way. I don't feel like I am being pursued. But maybe that's because he is doing it subconsciously. Right now we each have our own burden of issues to contend with but he is a good friend and a good listener. Not too many other people will call me up at 10:30 at night and talk to me til their phone dies.

  • Aries22, my Scorpio is the SAME EXACT WAY!!!!!!!!!!! He keeps everyone at a distance because of his past hurt and it drives me crazy. I tell him we've all been hurt but you have to move on. I have told him if you treat me as if I'm your ex, we will have problems. I'm not her and as long as I do not give you reasons to believe that I will hurt you, then why waste your time worrying? That's what it does, it takes away from your time together and the time that could be spent creating wonderful memories together. It's an absolute waste.

    As far as asking what you should do, that depends on your unique situation. Even though he may be distant or acts scared of commitment, is he good to you? Is he honest, loyal, respectful and all the other good qualities you are looking for? No one is perfect, so there will always be things that we do not like regardless of who the person is but as long as you are safe, happy and secure and treated well, then you should be able to have a wonderful relationship.

    A relationship with a scorpio can be wonderful or horrible. It depends on their maturity, their outlook on life and their morals and values. If you aren't experiencing major upsets, then count yourself as very fortunate. It also depends on how they are treated. If they feel they are being treated in any way but love, resentment can set in. Once trouble starts, it's hard to stop it or reverse it. Some scoripios hold grudges for a very long time.

    I'm not sure how long you two have been partners, but if you're unsure, just reassure him and take it as slow as possible. Try to keep his mind on other things to avoid being pushed into anything. This will give you time to think and if you haven't been together long, then this will give you time to get to know him better and you will be able to make better judgements on his character. Sometimes it takes people 6 months to a year to show their negative sides. You're right, it is very scary giving your heart out and trusting someone with it if you'r unsure of how well it will be handled. I would say just weigh your pros and cons and determine if he adds to your happiness. I believe a partner should add to your happiness, not take away from it. Dig deep in your heart, you'll know what you should do when you think about how he makes you feel. Are you happy? 🙂

  • turtledust, you're right, it could go either way. When I was in high school, my best friend was a guy and we would talk all night and fall asleep on the phone. We never had a romantic interest towards each other. We tried kissing one time and then both of us said "nah!" It just wasn't there for either of us but we were inseperable. You couldn't keep us apart. We were like brother and sister. Then there was a friend that I think liked me but he was to shy to ask me out so he would call and we would talk all night to, if I wasn't on the phone with my best friend. There weren't to many people I would shun him for! 🙂

    Then, as I got older, my husband and I met. He would spend hours on the phone with me when he couldn't come see me. He would call me at work and come see me at my job. (I met him there so it wasn't like he was coming to a place where they weren't used to seeing him.) It was funny because back then pagers were popular. He didn't have a cell phone yet, so he would wait for his mom to leave for work and he would go to her house, make coffee and talk to me for a while. He went out of his way every morning just to hear my voice, it was so romantic!

    So, yes, I would say it could go either way. If you're enjoying things just as they are, then enjoy it and savor every moment even if he's just a friend. Those are some of my best memories in life.

    It's funny how the little things stick with us.

  • "Not Really" ConfusedScorpio!

    You are very welcome; what I said I meant from the heart:) I understand your struggles as of the last three to few years myself. I too have been having a similar type of struggle; what I am finding is to trust myself, my instincts, and my intuition more; there is no room for 'doubt' in this regard otherwise we end up only defeating ourselves and our challenges remain. We have a great reserve of inter-power that we must learn to tap into a much as possible and to not be intimidated by it, but embrace it; therein lies great potential to create or recreate the lives we desire;for me this has required spending more and more time finding that place of "center" within, I have found. Your fatigue may be a by-product of your feelings of depression; which I have found is usually brought on when I am not operating in my gifts which comes from a lack of trust in them. We are very very strong individuals, you, we will find our way and transform everything and everyone that comes into our pathway for the better!!! Be encouraged wise one:)

    Peace and Light to you!

  • ConfusedScorpion,

    Thanks so much for taking the time out to reply to me. He really does make me happy when we are together...I feel like it is right but its the time that we spend apart that really makes me unhappy. When we spend too much time together and things are going really well...guaranteed that he will start to push me away. Its unreal how predictable he is in that aspect. I just don't get it! It becomes so frustrating to me...I just want to shake him. I told him this and he thinks that I just want to pick fights but he doesn't see it the way I see it. It's confusing and sometimes I just want to walk away. 😞


  • Transformed, I guess your user name says it all. That is exactly what I have battled with since the death of my hubby. Trying to transform into my new life from the depression of losing him. Thank you for your words of encouragement and you are right it is harder when you feel blocked. I am sorry for the struggles you are facing and I can tell by listening to you that you ARE strong and are an inspiration to us all. Thank you. Much love!

  • Aries, I experienced the pushing away part to when everything was going great. I think they are so scared of commitment after being hurt. I just quit showing so much affection and acted like it didn't bother me and now he is more affectionate to me. He says I miss when you do this or that and I respond by explaining to him that everytime things were good and I treated you the way you miss, you pushed me away so I just figured you didn't want it. It gets them thinking.

    As far as the picking fights, if they aren't as matured as we are, even the calmest conversation makes them think we are looking to argue. That's the part I don't like. Grown adults should be able to communicate without arguing. Unfortunately, he was raised by parents that thrive on arguing and he was used to that. I am the complete opposite, I cannot stand arguing and will avoid it if possible. Don't get me wrong, if I'm hurt and they keep hurting me, I can unleash. I usually regret it later as we all do but for the most part can discuss adult things, romance, finances, trust issues, children, etc. He has a very hard time with this and doesn't know how to adjust to someone normal that can talk our problems out without a screaming match. They can be so complicated! I agree with the shaking part. lol All you can do is assure him that you are not interested in picking fights, you only want to discuss what is bothering you so you can move forward. He needs to understand that for a relationship to thrive there will be moments of doubt that need to be discussed without arguing, this is the glue that holds you together. It might take him a while but it will click eventually, if you show patience and understanding that you know he's afraid of commitment and it's not directed at you... he'll start thinking wow she really isn't trying to argue, she is trying to better us. It will probably be like a light switch for him. The patience is the hard part! But if you love him and he loves you, you will see it through.

    Try to figure out the way he comminicates the best and use this way of communicating next time you need to bring it up. If he starts getting nervous or upset, maybe tell him you recognize this and will give him time to understand you are only trying to help. Sometimes, if they feel we are to hard on them, they start to think that nothing they do is good enough and start to back away so tread carefully until you both are able to communicate without hurt feelings. If we try to talk to them to often about the same thing, they will do anything to avoid the discussion. Sometimes, you feel like they had rather see us upset than take two minutes to rest our heart. That's where the wanting to shake them part comes in. 🙂 I have had to learn to trust in myself instead of looking to him to validate how he feels about me. Not saying he doesn't show me how he feels because he does but when they start pushing you away, it can get very confusing. Once I realized that it had nothing to do with me, I was able to get past this. I reminded myself that there were times when I wanted some me time and this would be a good time for that when he's all lost and confused. Keep smiling and before you know it he'll be standing beside you wanting a hug. They can be so romantic at times it makes your heart melt.

  • ConfusedScorpion,

    You are the absolute best!!! I thank you so much for taking the time out to discuss this in detail. Reading your reply just gave me so much strength to keep fighting. When he runs off to hide I usually can't help but to think that he is not interested. It takes a bunch of self security & self esteem to know that it is really not ME but him. I really want to work past this but it gets so tough when he gets this way. I have been thinking of what I would like to say to him the next time we talk...I really want to touch upon the subject of committment and fear but I don't know how to do it without making him feel intimidated. I am praying to God for the guidance and words. I do love him very much and I know he loves me but that scares him to death. I can understand that 110% but I don't know how to help him. I also think he is very hard on himself and always works hard to be the best he can be at his career. I feel like he doesn't love himself as much and that also makes it difficult for him to accept my love...WOW, this is a toughy. LOL

  • urgh!! I have lost my reply twice! Don't you love when that happens?! 🙂

    Scorpios are funny. One minute they seem like they don't love themselves and the next minute have more courage and self love than most other people experience in a lifetime.

    As far as talking to them about commitment, I have learned with my male scorpio, that he had rather court me. As long as they don't feel pressured and stressed, they will bring it up in their own time. My personal experience is that they had rather be pulling that string instead of us bringing it up. As long as you keep things light and happy, he'll end up eating out of your hands. I just distance myself a little and it makes him want to be with me more. There are times when he's around that I give him a kiss or say something sweet and then I go about doing something else and before long he comes to me and asks if I will come spend some time with him. By then, I had rather finish what I'm doing, but I remind myself it's better than him pulling away so I stop and go spend time with him.

    One of the hardest lessons I have learned and I mean the hardest is when I'm upset with him, how to respond so he doesn't run away. Used to, I would tell him what was bothering me and then I would want to talk about it. Then, when he didn't want to talk about it, that would upset me more and he would just completely ignore it and change the subject. It drove me to withdraw from him and that made it even worse. Well, I started telling him what bothered me and then I would change the subject and stay upbeat. At first, I thought I was letting him get away with it but that wasn't the case. He started coming to me later and apologizing and explaining. Wow! I would thank him and change the subject. I didn't want to harp on it and push him away again. It showed me that if I backed off, it gave him time to think about it. Showing someone you're concerned with how they feel means so much more to me than saying I love you. I'm the type, in a realtionship, you can tell me all day you love me but if you don't show it then I don't believe you. I know that's wrong but we're hard to change. That's not much different than a male scorpio come to think about it.

    There's a lady on the internet that says not to talk to them about our problems. I thought are you crazy! If we don't talk about it, then he'll keep doing it! I quit reading her website. Well, after I noticed what was happening with us, I remember what she said and was shocked that it actually works. In a way, even though, we weren't really talking about it, we were talking about it. I said what was bothering me and then changed the subject. He then thought about it even when it appeared that he wasn't and then he came to me and said he was sorry and explained what was going on. I then said thank you for acknowledging my feelings and I appreciate you making me feel important. I finally feel like I matter to you and that means more. Then I let it go and started talking about something else. We ended up smiling and laughing and it helped so much. I was able to open back up to loving him and it didn't seem as important anymore. That was one of the biggest stepping stones for us. Any situation can be fixed in this way so I consider it the most important part, the communicating part. Everything else falls under this. What was amazing is that he didn't even know I was using his style of communicating.

    Once you can get to that stage of finding out how he communicates, it will open you two up to a new level and it validates your relationship without even discussing the actual relationship. I blame why it took so long for us on my stubborness. After my husband died, my tolerance level became very low and my children would tell me that I had extremely high standards and I shouldn't expect so much from people. I forget that us scorpios are so intense. I forget that just because I feel so deeply about things doesn't mean that other people do, including male scorpios. I had to learn to let things slide and choose my battles. Choosing my battles I learned with my husband and then I had to learn all over again after he died. Male scorpios are the hardest to deal with but are so worth it once you get on the same page. As long as they don't feel pressured into anything they will hang the moon if you ask them to. Sometimes you just have to love them at a distance for them to melt our hearts.

    Every now and then when we're cooking or whatever we're doing at the moment, he'll walk up to me talking and I can look at him and smile, a real smile with mouth and eyes and he'll stop in mid sentence and I can tell I just melted his heart. He'll say something sweet and then hug and kiss me. They can be so romantic to be so stubborn at times.

    In the beginning, I let him court me. I didn't call him and I made him wait for months before I even went anywhere with him. He did all kinds of things to get my attention. He blew my roof off without me knowing when I wasn't home, I had lots of pine trees. He would see funny stuff and send me a picture of it with a cute saying and he would stop by my house every night after work even if just for a few minutes to talk. Then he would call me before he went to bed and talk about different things. Then when I finally agreed to go out to eat with him, I still wouldn't kiss him. He would open the doors for me and stand if I had to go to the restroom, a complete gentleman. Of course, once you get together they still will open doors if they know you like it, just not as often. It took him forever to get up the courage to kiss me because I had put him off for so long and then when I finally let him, he started stopping by the house in the mornings for a kiss at the front door and then would call and talk to me on his way to work. Two years later, he still calls me every morning on his way to work. It gets on the kids' nerves sometimes when they're getting ready for school, but I think it's sweet, it shows that he enjoys my company. Sometimes I wonder why because I definitely made him work for it but even after all his stubborness and mine, if I just back off and let him pursue me, he loves showing me how he feels.

    Be patient, if it is meant to be, it will work out. As far as helping him, just talking to him about casual things and smiling and enjoying his company will help him far more than you'll ever know. When you back off from the intimate stuff, it gives him room to think and he will sort it all out. Sometimes, it may take a smack on the head! Just kidding, they do make you want to tho. No seriously, if you just concentrate on enjoying his company and things you want to do or need to do, he will bring up the intimate stuff. You can relax and let him lead the way. When he calls just ask if he had a good day and what he's been up to and you can tell him things you've heard or whatever you've been doing or things you're thinking about doing. They love to know what you're doing even if they never admit that. Laugh with him or tell him you've been thinking about him or missing him, something light hearted. Before you know it, he'll be there by your side. If you just act like you are only enjoying his company and nothing more, he'll step it up to the next level. You won't have to. If we're to clingy, it scares them because there's that commitment thing again. They have to decide on the commitment, it has to be their idea. it makes them want it more and they will be scared until they finally approach you and are reassured you feel the same way. It may take a little convincing that you feel the same way but that's what they're looking for in the long run, reassurance.

    Don't make yourself so available at first. Don't put all your focus on them and lose yourself. That's a fine line with a male scorpio but like I said if you keep things upbeat even when upset, it gets easier over time because then they can't stay away. If we show them to much love at first before they're over their commitment issues, they start withdrawing. We have to find that balance between us and them that makes us both happy. Our worst mistake is allowing them to make us happy or unhappy.

    Hope all this makes sense.

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