Divine Give and recieve-tarot

  • This is such a great spresd..too many cards can cause confusion..lets get to the pint , ya know, lol. I have to say you are a good learner and you persevere.

    ok, So I will do a way fowards spread and it does show an outcome as well.

    my proposal to the divine and truth:

    " Please advice me bacause I am divine I ask for Divine guidance and divine truth" I ask for the truth and acceptances for Unikta and unikta's relationship to the partner unikta is with, please advice me about Unikta's way foward"

    Give me some time on this, thank you:)

  • Oh great job to get the validation of what you felt: the one card draw then you needed more clarity on its realtion so you drew the 5 cups...thats how professional taort readers do and individuals who trust in self and just use a littel turbo boost on intuiotion....good job with that..I am proud of you.

  • excuse the typos ..lol..have one hand right now...

  • Thanks turboxs :)) I am trying! I hope one day I will be good!

    Thank you for all your guidance! I'll be looking forward to your reading. He is not my partner though..he is just a friend at the moment..but Im wondering what he is feeling to me and what will work out in the near future for us and as a final outcome (in a few months time) as well 🙂

  • Its choice and free will; never settle or compromise yourself:)....ok I am on this, thank you for clarifying.......

  • Unikta first; No tarot spread can give you the result because of free will and your partner would have to accept and engage in this activity for the cards to exalt his true feelings, you are a partner and you ahould be aware of that..in common sense, your partner will express those if he feels you are worth and he seeks that intamacy..it will happen. Relationships are about patience and perseverance as well......what real integrity is involved if we get all the answers at point front? I wanted to express that to you..as the tarot cannot give you yes or no or tell you what to do...it cetaintly cannot map out his actions.......only your situation since you are willing to open to the reading but still not your actions, it cann state obious and even future because you have a cause and it gets rsults.....but the results it expels are not exact as its your continuing energy and choice and will and the intention of your cause that only lies within you....so here I go.....

  • objective and to th epoint with questions because it lies within you...and your patience and perseverance,,,

    Situation: Star:now entering a time of rejuvination. This card is a message that a time of relaxation is here. Think "spa for the soul." Think breath of fresh air. Also, if the querent has been worried about a situation, this card indicates that he/she is on the right path in life in general

    Do I allow my higher source to be my guide?

    How can I nuture myself and those around me more?

    Do I emit a presence of peace and harmony to others?

    What can I do to allow more tranquility into my day?

    Am I allowing peace and relaxation to flow through my life?

    What can I do to be more at ease with myself and my surroundings?

    Cause: King Wands: aha just what you are doing..this cards comes up alot because you are seeking the future and blueprinting now;the innovator and visionary K wands nature;

    He will say ;When I show up in your cards, I am the authority figure that encourages innovative, entrepreneurial leadership. The kind of leadership that is uncompromising in honesty. I will encourage you to take the righteous route to your goals, and lead with the highest intent and equally high moral standard. Honesty, creativity and soulful purpose are my watchwords."

    Do you lead with integrity and honesty?

    Do not compromise in this area. Your success in leadership depends on your integrity

    How adaptive and flexible are you?

    As much as I love tradition (especially family traditions), I keep my mind and strategies open to new ideas so I can rule with flexibility. With focus, you can too.

    Main Point of Interest:You and I have talked about this card; its in my above thread on this post...I know you know this and its key here so I will leave you with the 6 coins questions

    Am I being responsible with my resources?

    What are some of my beliefs around creating money and keeping it?

    Are all my prime physical needs balanced to my satisfaction?

    How do I feel about accepting the generosity of others?

    How do I feel about charity and giving to others?

    Do I have a sense of physical well-being and balance?

    Way foward: Pope:When we pull the Hierophant Tarot card, our attention is focused on our convictions. The occurance of this card is a message for us to examine our belief systems, how we operate with these beliefs, and how they effect our lives.

    Do I have the conviction to back my faith?

    Do I need approval for my spiritual beliefs?

    When was the last time I examined my belief system?

    Am I disciplined and committed to spiritual development?

    What is my responsibility in religious/spiritual growth?

    Who do I look up to or who is my mentor in spiritual matters

    Do people look to me for spiritual advice, and am I properly meeting their needs?

    See situation and way foward; the star is self rejuvenation and renewal and a very hegh spirited card A time for ascension and here is your advice the pope.....you see the connection?

    outcome: K cups: encourage you to be a leader, to be the voice of your own people. But I will tell you in order to be a strong voice in a sea of opinions, you must first listen to for the people's needs. Let both intellect, compassion and intuition be your guide as you serve as an ambassador for the greatest good of your tribe."

    Is it time for continued education?

    I promote constant learning, especially in the arts, sciences and religion. When I show up in the cards, I will ask you to study the classics to enhance your perspective.

    How are you at negotiations?

    How do you feel about leadership?

    Hope this helps

    Divine inner light to self


  • Thank you so much for this turboxs! I understand that there is will power and that we live in a collective world...everyone/everything influencing the energies around us, so does it mean that tarot doesn't really predict the future?

    Thank you for the reading! It's very interesting the cards that came up are the cards that are coming up to me a lot as well. I don't understand the connection between the star and the heirophant though...is K cups good as an outcome of the relationship? what does it mean? that I need to be more of a leader? I'm not sure...

    Many thanks, Holly for all your help!

  • K hearts is stated,, his demeanor so its any outcome is good really, even 3 swrds its our way foward that best serves our divine self...You are the only one who truly kn iws what you want to gain out of your relationship and life....you may be seeking more self discovery but you know your intentions,,,,as far as the star and heirophant is is as stated.....star is new hope and renewal rejuvenation time.....heirophant supports spirit and learning, lessons, social identification.....just do for those cards I as we discussed in reference to the 6 pentacles spread.....I talked about above...

    Those wuestion I gave you afre questions speaking from the demeanor of the cards that were pulled for your question..sometimes the way foward is to just be you and focus on you...your path will lead you to divine opportunities..it as in temperance a timming and synchro..it happens naturally...the divine mates and jobs etc..will not synchro until you evolve mind body spirit as the star and heirphant express those demeanors.....

    I am leaving the forum and I have army to deploy in soon......

    Bless you BELIEVE IN YOU...

  • I would really like to thank you, turboxs for all your help and insight! It is great what you said in your last post and it makes so much sense to me! 🙂 especially in this point in my life. I think learning how to trust and believe in yourself is one of the most difficult things, but something so important! Thank you so much! 🙂

    I wish you all the very best in anything you do, turboxs!

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