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  • I am open to doing a reading. I am skilled and now do tarot readings with a healer who has her own site. I am certified and experienced with chakra healing, relationships and tarot. I have a question I would like to be composed with a tarot reading in response I will give a full tarot reading.

    Thank you

    peace love prosper

  • Hi turboxs, I read your reply to my post earlier on today, but when I went to the thread just now it wasn't there for some reason..I hope it is ok, that I send this post here then. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time and explaining what you think about 'ace of wands' in context with 'the fool' card. Many thanks for your advice as well. I will try and feel the cards more...they all seem to have such a unique meaning in each situation, so I suppose inner insight is something really necessary when it comes to tarot. What was the website that you kindly suggested to me? Sorry, I haven't had a chance to look at it earlier and now the post is gone and I can't remember what this website was.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Be carefull, I anyone giving you words direct and telling you what things are in detail to people...you know the situation at best...true advice always asks you questions...really be safe...I ran in to a guy here the name begins with h and ends with g...he gave me such terrible advice of his opinion and he is in a weak spot...i always tested and stood up to his words becuase they were from a low frequency..and I am soo welllll.....I have acomplished and attracted soo much divine light in my life since I left this forum....I actuall wanted to come back..shed divine light...beth lynch inner light........................gogl"

  • i dont understand your first post... u want a tarot reading in exchange you'll give one??

  • Absolutly..I just finished 5 on here..so let me know,,,,,,

  • Hi turboxs, thanks for all the advice. Do you want to exchange readings? And how does it work? I'm only learning, but I would like to try 🙂

    All the best, unikta

  • well I am good at teaching.......how its better to give the knowledge than to just do.....give me a few I will be back with some tarot tools.....

  • That's great! I am very eager to learn! 🙂 sorry, you said give you a few of what? a few questions that you could do a reading on? could you just confirm please, thanks 🙂

  • unikta..first give me a reading you would like and I will delineate it out and advice you step by step on how to go about the readings:)

  • yes..do you have a guestion...I can do a reading on?

  • Well: here is one card I will start with: 6 pentacles, In the picture, the picture exalts the Demeanor of the card, thus the type of energy, thus the idea of the card.

    A man holds a scale. The man is DISCERNING who what where he is to apply his energy-( love, money, time etc...it will alter concerning the demeanor of the question and surrounding cards.

    He weighs the CHOICE on the scale on what is worth and what or who will receive and exalt the best results. What Choice will he be happy with? He is discerning application of energy, again discerning....so this card often presents a question or situation that involves CHOICE.

    For all cards..get the understanding of the picture..what does it mean to you? If you are to put one word to the card what would it be? Then choose 4-5 words that explain the meaning.

    Now when you flip the card the first word out of those 4-5 is the instinct working...that is how you then can relate that word to the Title you claim the card, ( the one word that sums it up in your opinion)

    Your deck works with you as it also speaks to YOU. That is why these little details of what word comes up first in mind is key.....to get an even more effective and exact reading......

    I am going to give you an example I gave Turtle Dust: When you pull a card and the first response in your brain is refinement when you get the 8 pentacles, then you know thats significant...because its also meaning work, practice, crafmanship. The one word I picked is Effort because that one word sums all.

    Like I do for self discovery: Talk it out, sound out the cards, tell the story out loud.

    Tarot is really a tool, as I console myself out loud...if I come to a block or an intuitive epiphany..I may pull a card to give my mind some turbo....so my personal tarot are just pulled cards needed to give me a push and ask myself questions pertaining to the demeanor of the card and the first word that strikes me out of the 4-5 I pick with concern to my title of the cards, like Effort for the 8 coins.

    So lets sound it out:

    5 cups can be regret or loss, dissapointment so the one I choose is unhappiness

    8 coins well as we know Effort

    6 pentacles: the man with a scale weighing who or what he gives his energy to, what deserves, what is worth, what gives the most satisfaction? your time, choice....cause and results

    So here we go

    unhappiness concerning my efforts about a choice on where to apply my self

    now we can add those 4-5 words

    I am dissapointed and therfore unhappy with my efforts that are being applied to my current situation concerning the time I put in and the results I am getting.

    Hope this helps

  • then after look to the advice of the cards as a way foward.......

    advice of the 5 cups then 8 and 6 of coins...but you trully know what you desire and can do to manifest a better situation.......

    5 cups shows you still have to hopes..hope remains and so on..............

  • I normally do like a little spread (with four cards) on the situation (present, past, what effects the situation at hand and future), or another one I started doing is just asking a question a pull one card and then if I need a clarification I take another one or ask a different question. I try to analyse cards more and see how they feel to me more...it doesn't stop surprising me that I seem to come up with the kind of meaning that I didn't read anywhere before! It's such an interesting and exciting process!!!

  • turboxs, could I ask you to do a reading on me and one guy...just how the relationship will work out. We communicate online and have only met once so far. I'm not sure how good I will be in doing a reading for you, but I would give it my best go, so if you would like me to do a reading for you - let me know :)))

  • turboxs, thanks SO much for teaching me all of this!!! It really, really helps! I was looking at the card and analysing it and thinking it through the way you were describing it in your post. It's very interesting! It also helps me see how cards can connect together in such a way. When you do a reading do you need some time to think over the cards and contemplate them? Or does it just make sense to you? Because I find I need to take quite a bit of time to analyse them well...and think them through and nothing can distract me at that moment..but then again, it probably comes with practise and maybe with time you just start seeing the cards in their own way with each card having this specific word meaning that you're talking about. Oh, another thing I just have to ask! Is it true that you can't give your cards to anyone even to hold?

    Can I also ask about 5 of cups...you say that there is still hope remains..could you please explain how you see it? because I drew this card a few times and each time I get an opposite feel of 'hopelessness'. Once again, many, many thanks for all your guidance! I really appreciate it! :)))

  • hope always remains weather it be we leave a false security and accept the truth to be open to the divine opportunities that will embrace our true divineself and be divien and fruitfull......

    Yes I will do a reading....allow me on your guestion......state it....

    yes do not allow ones to hold your cards....

  • tarot can not fully and in many cases givie you a yes or no because it is the will of the individuals invloved in the situation......................

  • Thank you turboxs! is it really bad if some people held my cards before? does it mean I need to get a different pack? or just give it some time and it'll be fine again? to be fair it happened about 5 weeks ago and no one held my cards (but me of course) since then!

    My question is: how will our relationship develop further and what will the final outcome be (will we be friends or lovers or will we lose touch).

    I was doing a reading today and I tried to follow your advice. So I got a nine of swords and thought of what words associate to me with this cards and the one that stood out the most was 'fear', so I drew a clarification card on what this fear relates to, fear of what, what it's connected to and I got 3 of wands. I have real trouble to understand it...it seems kind of contradicting. Is it a fear to succeed? a fear to move forward?

  • 3 wands, is after the inputs and efforts a man waits on top of the mountain (aka his efforts getting to the top) looks out expecting and waiting for his results..its an input out put card...so you have anxiety and fear regarding the results of the relationship concerning your time and inputs.......

    Yes I will do a reading...do not worry about the cards its all in your head, really.......:)

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