I really need a reading pleeeeease :)

  • I've been having bad luck in love. I want to know when and if i'll meet the right person..If i'll ever get Married or have children..How long will this take and why am I having such bad luck

  • Hello,

    Its not bad luck. 1. you attract what you resonate. The energy you carry is what attracts to you. "I am open to the divine oopportunities" I embrace my feminine self with balance on the path of peace and harmony" I am true to my higherself" I am open to divine acceptance and truth in my relationships" Those are great morning and night affirmations to get you on a higher frequency of attraction..A whole being has to become whole on its own as a solid entity first or else it will bring in selfish and controlling energy to the partner in order to get its happiness or contentness, that erradicates a relationship. Also that energy attracts same and so on..I will draw you a way foward spread sweet heart......

    Aw:internal creative fire in hand and holding it out far all the world to see. Now is our time to spread our warmth, passion, and vision to others:new beginings

    Questions based of the Ace; the Ace w is your situation: Questions: What is your passion, Am I letting my wants.desires control me

    Note:Do not give up! your persistance will pay off:)

    KW: Cause-aha see how situation question was wants/desires Well well the King is the cause and his energy fortells; innovation, visionary, mentaly seeing the end results.....aha..

    Advice:take the righteous route to your goals, and lead with the highest intent and equally high moral standard. Honesty, creativity and soulful purpose are focus.

    YOU see a theme already?!

    Justice!!!!your main point of interest; as I said, you attract what you resonate, we all do this but we must understand it then acceppt it in truth and let go and move foward in a greater light..Lady Justice wears a blindfold, no desire body temotations..she cuts through the physical and focuses on moral and ethic to accept her results and discern her decisions. Ok so healing and acceptances of wher you stand must start first before you can be renew in energy to walk a higher path.

    Your way foward! Lovers...now as a future card...this card can mean choices..dicerning LebraScope, what do you really want for yourself? what are you really looking to have in a relationship, what passion can you create for yourself and what passion can balance like the justice scale? I see balancing here as well, balancing your own fullfillment you deserve and need to get on your won first to bring in long lasting energy top a relationship..

    Outcome: Knight Pentacles: Practicle, steady, patient, worthy, loyal-Industrious,

    focus on protecting you and your assets...build your foundation and ground yourself a solid entity,

    My advice from wisdom: ground self emotional physical and spiritual, nurture and give self compassion and time, heal...revive self and thrive in the self first...

    Peace love Prosper



  • thank you for taking the time for me. You give some great advice 🙂


  • ❤

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