Would really appreciate help.

  • Hello,

    It's been some time since i've been on the boards and if it is alright, i'd love for some type of reading or advice on a difficult situation.

    Im in my sophomore year of college and it should be that time where i choose a set career path. My current classes range from human sexuality, sociology, 21st century art to Cinema studies. I am interested in a range of topics but cannot seem to specifically choose one. In addition to studying for school, I spend a lot of time writing in my spare time.

    Can anybody see where i am headed with my career? I know i'll put in the hard work, but when it comes to setting a path i don't even know where to begin.

    Also, can anyone see if my writing projects could lead to anything substantial?

    I appreciate any response. Thank you so much in advance!

  • With whatever you do, you will need to allow yourself plenty of time for solitude and reflection. Having your own private office or space is important. You work well alone and enjoy projects that involve discovering and carrying out a vision where the work is done in private, such as research, library or computer work. You will succeed in any profession that involves the individual pursuit of spiritual truth, including living and working in a temple, ashram or convent. You could be a fantastic artist, craftsperson, performer or musician - bringing your private dream to others. You'd also be a great promoter, politician or captain of industry, working in behind the scenes activities. Your innate practicality will help you manifest your dreams using your powerful mind, your gift for noticing pertinent details and for analysing the significance of information. You do have a talent for writing that could take you far but you could just as easily be a great inventor or innovator. I also sense in you an ability to work with and form bonds with animals and the land/nature. Many people like you have become self-made millionaires and generous philanthropists. Go with your greatest love, your biggest passion.

  • Thank you so much for the reply captain! This past year especially has been a bit rough and sometimes its not easy to see that i'll get through it and achieve whatever i work towards. Sometimes i think nothing will come of my work but your words really helped put my mind at ease a little.

    I guess i should remember to trust my instincts and let them lead me. Can you by any chance feel how the next couple of months will be for me? You see, now more than ever, i seem to be bombarded with a frantic energy. A sort of confusion and anxiety... will that go away?

  • That's pretty much how the world is feeling at the moment. A new Ascension energy has descended on the planet and everyone is trying to adjust, but it will be good for all those who stay positive and do the right thing.

    November for you is all about upheaval and change - but change can be about opportunity just as easily as struggle and confusion. Your attitude to the changes will make all the difference. The problem with this month is a tendency to scatter energies in all directions. Your ability to do detail work is limited now and it will make you feel very confined. In all, though this a free-wheeling time that is liable to bring some major alteration to your life - your career, your family situation, or your residence.

    December is much more settled and calm. Your focus will be home, family and responsibility to others. Endeavours may seem to be moving so very slowly throughout this month. You should expect to have a very good time as far as family, domestic, and romantic matters are concerned. Your emotional interchange with those who are close to you should be at its very best during this particular month. The important thing is to be willing to accept a slower pace and be sure to enjoy the peace and harmony that the Christmas season will bring.

    2011 for you will be a year of hard work, practicality, and structure. Your thoughts and energy need to be directed to career opportunities, work, and security. This is a year to build a foundation, make important connections, keep your nose to the grindstone, and save your money. Expansion in this year will be slow but positive. Try not to feel too restricted. This is an opportunity to consolidate and retrench, as your life will become very active and expansive in the following year. This is an organizational period and you must look at your current and past performance in a very hard light. It is a time to get organized and bring yourself down to earth. Responsibilities will increase, magnifying the effort and hard work needed to maintain a reasonable level of existence. Build firm friendships and strive toward balance in family relationships. This is a good year for engagement and marriage, a good year to follow a routine, pay off debts, start a diet, or quit smoking. In other words, you are well advised to get your house in order in terms of relationships, body, mind, and spirit. It is possible that long awaited opportunities will come your way before the end of this year.

  • Thank you for your time and energy Captain, I appreciate it.

    I hope you have a great Holiday season!

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