Cancer man and woman against Aquarius woman hurt me at the same way..

  • I been away to anyone and my life is work and school. I had I misunderstanding with my to close friends . And now finally realized that the cancer woman is jealous on me for some reason . My other close friends is a Virgo man all of us is on late 30's . I just meer my Virgo man on a birthday party that was June last year . We easily get along cause we used to hang around same group of friends . Until they fell a part and same thing that happen to me. And her best friend is the cancer woman other close friend of mine. At first I find akward to this cancer woman she was nice but it seems something strange sometimes . I'm a very simple person never wear any make up and I'm not a party go where. They help me to enhance my personality cause I'm a bit shy to people but I'm friendly and easy to get a long. I was really shock every now and then this cancer woman twisting the story and this Virgo man was totally confused. I honestly much closer to Virgo and when we go out people always had an eye for me since I change . I was shocked one day when Virgo asking me a question. Why I didn't treat them the same and every time the virgo was away she talk shit about me. But the funny thing is I can back it up and one day she was caught in the act that she is always lying to me. Is she jealous cos she keep asking what people said about and obviously all good. And Virgo told me that I was copying her which is she is the one telling me what to do. Were both single and I'm kinda late when it comes to guy. She always abusing me and we find it that she doesn't respect me at all for no reason.Calling names when I'm not around ., and take advantage most of the time I never realized that since Virgo spoke to me and clear all the things and I will love to talk to her face to face but there's appoint in time I'm nearly collapse cos she swearing on me over the phone and she didn't realized everyone her here story that she was lying and abusing me and most of the time take advantage of what can I give. I never ever think of that until Virgo asking me and clear if everything was true. The day we get back together that's the first time met my Cancer man. While I'm spending time with friends I'm busy chatting this guy. That's the first time I'm chatting totally stranger but the funny think was u enjoy it and it's killing my time sometimes I'm alone. His not in to any relationship he was hurt twice and still recovering that what I see in him. After the first meeting thinks change and I was a bit upset. So I'll give him a ring and he told me that He see me as a friend and he doesn't want me to expect the relationship cos he can say anything for that and told me that let see how it goes. I was very vocal that I don't like guys seeing me as a sex object . But I can control one day and I asked him cos his still keeping sending messages and kinda flirty .After several hook up he I just realized may he had feeling or may be it me pretending cis I never do sex in someone I didn't like and that is matters to me. I had a few suitors but I'm not really interested and he knows that. Somethings come up to make the start short . I keepcalling and messaging him but never answer back. This is not happen once and I said to him you need to let me know if your busy so I won't worried and annoying you. I'm not her girlfriend but the funny thing is I'm acting like a girl friend but I told him this is a two way things casual sex and communication . I honestly pushing his patience . And I felt bad cos the through is I don't know where I am now . This is the first time I'm doing this and I find it weird if you can kiss the person and having intimate time. I grew up in a country and now leaving away from home . I can't handle it anymore for he keep asking me to leave him alone delete everything in him cos were totally different. The same day that we get together of this cancer woman and man and everything is end up. But the only this that I observe was they can manipulate people and I can feel my insecurity and needy to him . But the truth is I only want him cos I know that I can share my everything and I'm willing to be with him. First time I meet them in the same day and the same day almost when they leave me and hurt me I'm totally drain cause I couldn't imagine of all people cause I never ever feel any competion at any angle in life. I'd love to leave a simple life and to share my live to someone deserve it. I just wanna know I don't wanna talk to cancer woman it's really over. Bit I'm still interested to be friends to cancer man. I feel a bit sorry for him he cause he lit a lor in to relationship and now trying to move away from everything . What else can I do .. I was hurt again and I'm going away I can't really help myself seeing him .

  • Accept the truth and if you do you can refine yourself to hold a better energy of self worth so you can eliminaye drama and attract a real relationship. The situation is dead and please do not look to a zodiac to determine people...all people who hold insecurities can manipulate, lie, become jealous and so on..not just cancer men seek a homebody woman...many men of all kinds that when they want to settle or need a girl for a security will want one around alot. I am a sag and I accept the truth, I am logical and fair in my dealings I am grounded and kind of a loner..I have two good friends and one longer term mate I am not much of the sag typ via the zodiac....Just use common sense and discernment but if you also have intentions and weaknesses, needing a person to feel happy then you are also the creater of the attract what you resonate, even though intention is unseen the results you get from it are feeding the intention, your cause"(action), so therfore your frequency of intention is being should be a divine and cesure along with positive to get those results we desire..

    Take care


  • Turboxs

    I'm finished to this thing I have better things to do in my life. And I will always makes sure to improve myself and not to get affected to this kind of people it's not my lost . I'm their lost and. Missing out a wonderful person . Kisses and thank a lot..

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