Need Help

  • Can somebody help me,

    I dont know what to do any more i need support, everything is not going right since a long time now,

    Unemployee at the moment, with no money left at all, i just need to know that things are going to get better cause i lost all my faith. 2 june 1975

    I will appreciate if somebody help me


  • ElNaqual, I feel you may have a tendency to being somewhat of a 'rolling stone who gathers no moss'. You can waste your energy and resources in get-rich-quick schemes, gambling, or confidence tricks. If you want something of lasting value, you are going to have to be more sensible and to work at it. Get more training or study if you need it. Plan carefully and don't try to skip any steps or take shortcuts. You have a low threshhold of irritation and impatience and can get too excitable or abrasive and this stops you from achieving anything. But you have charm and persuasiveness which can help you succeed as long as you don't try to manipulate or seduce others for your own selfish purposes. You have plenty of ideas, technical gifts, and inspiration. If you get more realistic and committed enough about your plans and goals to believe in them and see them through, there is nothing you can't achieve. Yes, this year has been a very testing and sensitive time but most of it, you brought on yourself if you are honest. Make a decision to be more practical and patient next year because 2011 can be a very creative, positive and social year for you. It will be a year that suits your personality the best of all years for a long time. Make the most of the opportunities it will bring. But don't scatter your energy on too many projects or pay much attention to what others think. Focus on getting what you want and stick with it until you get it.

  • Thanks, captain i like your advice

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