Insight Wanted from Hans Wolfgang

  • Have been thinking about a part-time venture doing sketches (caricatures). I know you haven't seen any work but have been told that I'm better than Art teacher at school. Have been practicing on and off.

    Also, can't seem to kick this cough and ill feeling. Some (at work) have been experiencing the same. Help.


  • Daliolite,

    Help: you will be faultless, if you keep your trunk still through flexibility.

    It is not a question of understanding at all. It is not a question of understanding, knowing; it is a question of feeling, seeing, being, otherwise there is going to be more and more misunderstanding and more and more confusion.

  • Hi, Your right. So, if I relate this way, how do I relate better to more logical types without some misunderstanding.

    Example, I was told by a teacher that a student needs more work on reading and less on art. I said, I agree. However, the students only get 1 hour a week on art. This student is an artist. Probably a right-brained thinker. Anyway, I need to incorporate stories that promote a creative approach. Still, art is considered a lesser subject by many. It's not. Anyway, during breaks I draw a big mural on the board. The children are very interested in art and check-out art books from the library. They want to learn to draw. To some, I think it's considered a road block to learning. I think the way they're teaching math is a road block.

    Of course, I don't give my opinion

  • Daliolite,

    how do I relate better to more logical types without some misunderstanding: by not being dominated by their will power.

    A woman of understanding remains relaxed. That doesn't

    mean that she doesn't care. No, she cares but she knows

    the limitations. She cares, but she knows that she is just

    a part. She never thinks herself to be the whole, so she

    is never worried.

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