Getting REALLY strong feelings

  • Hi there,

    New to this and would appreciate some help/advice. Basically l get very, very strong feelings. I can't concentrate, l get very nervous and my whole body kind of shakes. On every occassion this sensation has occurred something has happened, ie. car accident, a friend was beaten up and many more. Although l never know exactely what it is l know something is going to happen. The other day l was talking to a friend of a friend who is childless and for some unknown reason l sensed a child around her. Could not see/hear anything just felt it.

    My Dad was a medium but doesn't beleive anymore. I went for a reading (using Angels cards) and he said to come see him when l was ready. Also at a Spiritualist church l felt the woman keep looking at me intensely.and low and behold l was the first she came too.

    Am l overreacting with these feelings/should l persue it?

    Many thanks,

    R x:-)

  • You are NOT "overreacting"! Trust and honour those feelings! The more you do so, the clearer they will become, giving you more "usefiul" information and the physical "symptoms" you described will decrease as well. They are so strong right now because you have not yet learned how to "read" these feelings...When you sense something, calm yourself with deep breaths and mentally "figure out" what is going on: Work from the broad to the narrow, so to speak...Good feeling or bad? If you slow down for a minute and ask yourself, can you get any sense of who it might be, friend or stranger? family member? If that is unclear, try asking about the actual event...And when I say "ask", I mean, mentally "interview" will see that as time goes on, you will not need very long to figure things out and you will not need to "hit yourself over the head to get your attention", so to speak...Also, especially in the beginning, when you are "interviewing" yourself, be kind to yourself. give yourself time to answer your questions and if nothing"concrete" comes, so be it. Don't beat yourself up because then you will simply end up turning off this wonderful gift.

    Right now, you are very "open", I'll bet...Getting feelings coming at you fast and furiously...Please, please, PLEASE "protect" yourself.Remember to take a few moments during the day especially upon awakening and going to sleep to meditate, mentally casting white light around you for protection. I'm not worried about you...You WILL find your way. It's a little scary and definitely overwhelming right now but very soon, you will know how to handle this gift and you will find that it is a great comfort to you.

    Hoping all is well with you and yours and, as the Navaho say, Walk In Beauty

    MayGood CometoUs

  • Oh you are soooo right! Sometimes l just want to cry and think l am going mad!! Haha. I may be guessing here but l get the feeling you "sensed" something from my post by saying you are not worried about me??

    Also, this is a little odd too but there are certain people, not many, but l feel they need me around them, like my strength will help/support them. I'm not an emotional or touching person although when it happens l want to hug them and sometmes cry?! Haven't told anyone that go and write on the internet!! lol.

    Anyway, thank you so much for making me feel better and l will try to listen. I may go to see the man who gave me the reading, might as well learn a little more about it so l can handle this in the future!

    Thanks again and love that Navaho saying 🙂

  • wow, thats how mine started years ago, at frist i thought, i was crazy, only a year ago, i decided to except my feelings. and doing so, opened a whole new world. i had to tone it down some so too. { so to speak} . i haven't learned to control it yet, but i'm hoping for some guidance, and this site is the closest ive found. just wanted to say its great , to hear others feel things like i do. and thank you for this site. good luck yo you sir , you are in for a advenger

  • Really glad to help! But, Darling, make sure that you do not let other people "use you up", if you see what I mean...What will help protect you is that you are not a "born toucher" like I am but especially in the beginning, people sense that you are as powerful as you are and they will tap into that. Some will just stay at the tap forever if you let them! lol! It;s not their fault...most of the time...firstly, they think that you can handle it better than you can right now. Secondly, they believe that this "power" is like a never ending spring of water when, in reality, it is more like a rechargeable battery...:):):). By all means be supportive to those who need you, that is part of the whole point of having such a gift, but make sure that you let them know (and soon you will learn to do this without words, on an energetic level, so to speak) that your energy CANNOT substitute their own forever.

    If you can be in Nature every day, this is also a good "grounding technique". Even if it is the scrwny tree outside your apartment complex, make sure that you put your hands on it every day and "exchange energy with it". I know that sounds super crunchy groovy, but you need a place to release everyone else's energy and "refresh yourself, so tospeak, and the tree needs all the energy it can get, believe me! :):):) As long as you are releasing the energy to it with love, it will benefit from it.

    Finally, I am not sure if you are getting positive feedback for your newfound "power"...Make sure you have it! Some people will be overawed by it which is a lot of fun in the begining but usually ends up doing you and your continiung education, so to speak, a lot of harm. Some people belive that this is not a gift from God or whatever or whoever you believe in as a symbol for Good and Peace but a temptation from the Devil. They will yammer on and on about how you will burn in H--l etc...This is only true if you become arrogant or use the gift for evil, so to speak. They will point to the Devil card in the tarot etc...They are just jealous, as far as I am concerned. They mean well, of course, but, as I say, this is a power that can do a lot of good and a lot of harm. It is for you to decide. I suggest that if you feel comfortable with the man who gave you the reading, and you believe that he has the gift as well, that you ask if he would coach you, so to speak...

    Walk in Beauty, always...


  • Be very careful with the people who NEED you around them.

    Do you feel tired and physically, mentally drained around them?

    If so, you need to remember to recharge your own battery and to protect yourself from being basically drained.

    There are some people who feed off other peoples energy whether they know it or not.

    A good spiritual safeguard is to keep an energy chrystal on you and some black hematite just in case they are also transferring their negative energy to you. Don't be afraid, or just leave them alone; they do need you and some people do need specifically you around; others just need whoever they can get their positive energy from.

    Just keep yourself strong and know to be honest when you are too tired to see them right now and honor those feelings. Remember to put yourself first and you will be a great help to those who need you.

  • Hey people! 🙂

    Erm where do l start!! haha. Not many people around me know much of the feelings l get or they just don't believe. Not sure l do sometimes....haha. When l say about needing me l know it's something they would never know or at least tell me. People tell me l am quite a confident/strong person so l always put it down to that but they do tend to lean on me for answers/support! lol.

    So what does this make me?? Am l physic, a medium, what??lol. I whole heartedly beleive in instincts, whose that we kind of lost during evolution blah, blah...

    When l saw this medium, as he was turning the cards he kept saying that l knew this already and asked if l was tired alot, just like Debrason - thank you by the way! Yes, l am. I am constantly tired and alot of the time when l haven't done anything! What does that mean?

    Ok and this wiil seem odd but sometimes l can read names, like new starters at work, and l know if l will like them, if l can trust them, etc. This has happened with my friends partners as well...l know they have met "the one" by just their name....Is that normal???

    Oh one more thing...with the few readings/connections l have had noone has ever told me about my future. My friends get told about careers, partners etc but with me l usually get told the current and very near future. Does anyone know why that is?

    I have so many questions, sorry!! lol. Thanks for all your advice so far it has made me think that maybe l should at least look into this more....

    Before l bore you all to tears l will leave the questions, for now! lol. Tis late in the UK...:-)

    Thanks again l really appreicate your advice!

    R xxx

  • I hget the "name thing" sometimes...I know that, for me, there are just some names that I don't "mesh" well;; with... They might very well be here to teach me pwerful lessons, but I usually don't like them much...

    I am not sure about the "fututre thing" you talk about but I have the feeling that it has a lot to do with the fact that you "dealing with" this "gift' is the focus. It's as if "Whoever" is saying, "Listen, foget about your future right with THIS! THIS is what is important!" I will bet you that as soon as you start "handling" your gift, your more distant future will become clearer.

    Walk in Beauty, always....

  • Hi there!

    Thanks everyone for their advice and help.

    Well how bad is this...the guy that did my reading and told me to come back when l am ready has closed down the shop and l can't remember his name!! Any ideas how l can find someone else who can help me??

    Also, very off the topic but yesterday l was interviewed by a gorgeous man! Seemed to get on well etc. my question is if l don't get the job should l get in contact with him or leave it?? Ha, silly question l know but not good at datng things! lol. Have a guy that i was seeing who is incredily hard work, not sure whether to try crazy about him but he has so many issues - a bit boring now!! lol.

    Help would be fab - cheers guys! 🙂

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