Some help with Twin souls.

  • I think I met mine.

    I am so choosy with men, and turn so many people away ( i don't want to sound big headed like that, it's not what I mean, i just do not feel a connection with 99 percent of men I meet much to my friends astonishment at how anyone can be so choosy). I hate meeting in bars and clubs, but i had a crazy moment, A guy came and spoke to me on the dancefloor ( I have never ever even responded to a guy trying to talk to me on a dancefloor) and we just walked off together, and started dating, it was crazy. I have never known anything like it in my life.

    I have never had anyone feel so right, there were no games, it was so open, we were very different but just had some kind of connection i can't type about at least on my side. It started out with being at least equal if not him a little more keen, but just a few weeks in it just didn't go right,

    to be honest it ended up with me being a bit over keen and scaring off someone who probably wasn't ready to commit yet. I did all kinds of things I would never ever normally do, I am generally quite cool and relaxed about relationships but I am saddened to say I think I went a little ott on this one, something inside just really got to me about this one and I did a whole bunch of things I regret.

    Is it possible if someone is a twin soul you can do too much damage to get them back?

    I cannot move on even after such a short time together, it's not even being upset, I can't even explain the feeling just like I am missing something I shouldn't be, and I have broken up with people before but not like this,

    I know I am now writing an essay and sounding like a whinger but I am scared I have messed up my chance and looking for some advice or if anyone can suggest if this really was my twin flame.

  • Hi there fishoutofwater,

    I don't know that you met your twin flame, but this guy definitely was a soul connection. His purpose in your life was to open you up to other possibilities. To shake you out of this self-enforced "choosiness". He took you out of your comfort zone, shook you up and showed you just how capable you are of simply doing things without thought and planning. That feeling that you're missing somethign without him in your life now is merely that you were given a taste of spontaneity - which you dearly enjoyed - and you feel that your life is now lacking excitement. And, if I can be so bold, you're now seeing how predictable and lack-lustre your life had been before he came into it. It goes to show that no matter how much we try to control things in our lives, something or someone always comes along to upset our well-ordered apple carts!

    You haven't messed up your chance either. Maybe he won't come back, but you still will have a chance with someone else who'll be similar and who you wouldn't have even considered if you hadn't met this fellow. You owe his appearance in your life quite a lot. I'll add this also: if this was a soul connection meant to last a lifetime, then he'll be back. You might've overdone things with this guy which could've been the reason he backed off, but then, that happens when you get a taste of something you never thought you would and actually enjoyed it so much you want more! You are, after all, only human. And the fact that breaking up with him has left you feeling how you are now, is proof that your heart and soul has been opened up, where in the past, you kept quite a bit in reserve. It's time to stretch your wings out and really live life to the fullest. That is his gift to you.

    Please try to be thankful that he opened you up so much to so many other possibilities. You will get another chance, if not with him, then with someone else and thanks to him, you'll be open to that chance.

    I'm sorry I can't be more definite about whether or not he'll be back, or whether someone new will appear because of his influence in your life.

    I hope this helps,

    Good luck!



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