Help with reading I received

  • I received a reading today and I don't understand what kind of spread/layout was used. The Psychic I used sent me a pic of the spread and cards. can anyone help? It was just a general reading. 10 Card spread, 2 cards in the first row, 5 in the second row, and 3 on the bottom. She kept referring to the Queen of cups which was the very middle card. I'll give the cards from left to right as they were shown...

    1. the Hierophant 2) 6 of pentacles

    2. page of swords 2) 9 wands 3) Queen Cups 4) 5 cups 5) the fool

    3. 10 cups 2) 9 swords 3) justice

    Just curious if anyone can elaborate on the reading, or understand what the different card positions may mean.

  • Also, If anyone out there could advise on a current situation I am in...

    I have had a freindship with a guy, that we both have a mutual interest in one another. We were gonna give dating a try but he was rather skiddish then a miss-understanding kind of messed things up briefly and really pushed him away. Ive always had a strong feeling like he is meant to be and just patiently waited. Over the summer he had a VERY short-lived relationship and got his heart broken at which time he came calling me to cry on my shoulder. I love him. His BFF says that he loves me, but I think he's scared of me. So, I wait patiently. I have had readings in the past that have said "we are meant to be", "we are mirror image", I've even had one say, that you are meant to be, you should be together but I get the feeling that you are not... YEP! on the money... LOL, they've said he has relationship baggage from the past that he needs to deal with, so I waited. I wasn't in a hurry to be in a relationship, I want a friend first... So, with all that being said, that is what I was consulting my psychic about, however for the first time, nothing about relationship came up in the above reading...

    Can anyone help out?

    Regarding the previous post, I just didn't understand the spread, and meaning of the placement of the cards.

  • Intention is key in a reading. "affirmation; I embrace the divine acceptance and truth of the relationship" You or any one can easily see what you want to see or analogize aka horoscopes a card and entire reading to what you want. I am a very experienced tarot and healing practioner. I will give you a way foward spread.

    "what is Flytrn's way foward with this man who is a friend"

    Divine acceptance and truth

    Situation is 10 wands-the realtionship, I am sensing the man as well has an overload of energy and it is scatterd, little time to recupe and get himself on track and content and whole forst to attract a long lasting relationship. I see an oppresive situation, I feel it is much emotionally, tense...words associated: retreat, burden, overextending...

    Am I overextended? what is blocking my path ahead?

    Cause: Death: inexorable condition, transition, end of a phase, new beginings,

    Are you being honest with yourself in exposing areas of your life that need transition, How do you feel about change? How much longer do you need to wait..till you make that decision?

    Main Point of interest: AHA Hang Man!-you see a theme?>surrender, sacrifice, in-between,non-action, sarifice is for a divine cause, high forces here at work(death)

    Are you willing to sacrifice your expectations?

    Are you struggling with a decision or problem? Can you let it go?

    Way Foward: umm Kwands:righteous route to your goals, and lead with the highest intent and equally high moral standard. Honesty, creativity and soulful purpose are

    How adaptive and flexible are you?

    Can you lead your visions? How spirited are you?

    Outcome:4 cups:(apathy, seperation, lessons, withdrawl, regrouping self) Going with in seeking a deeper meaning, notice on the card it displays a 4th cuo with a cloud from the above-higher self the spirited self, seeking something with a deeper meaning?

    shows dissapoinment with the three cuos but an inability to move foward do to too much time in apathy about something..........

    What resistance am I putting forth that keeps me from joy and inspiration?

    Take care



  • Thanx Holly, I wish I could return the favor but I'm just know learning about Tarot.

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