• I see things as they should be when I walk into a meeting, or things in general around my hometown. I make comments to that affect and usually takes others a while to comprehend what I share. I am preceptive, analytical and do research before I pursue my goal. I have made blog to help around this "Community." Take the Gulf of Mexico oil spill for instance. I knew that British Petroleum was lying when they said that there was "sweet crude" only that was spewing; I applied my knowledge in this industry and I was right with my hypothesis on how extreme pressure and extreme cold affects the crude oil...refines and breaks separate as it is exposed to these conditions and the heavy crude has the same specific gravity as the sea water at 2500 to 3000 ft. below sea-level and that this heavy crude will stay at the level as the sea-water...

  • Hello thomassaqik,

    You are very intelligent and put your brain to good use from what I have read above. This is a psychic forum. Do you have a question you want answered?

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