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  • hello chris1962 i've been reading your responses and was wondering if i can get a general future reading i feel stuck and don't what next any insight would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance

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  • OMG ! sorry i meant cris not chris forgive me

  • As much as you might not want to hear this, you are in a state of "hangman" where you need to keep faith and hang on to your goals. I get the sense that you had set yourself a certain time frame to achieve certain things, but you have been - or felt - hindered in achieving some of them. I think you suffered some physical ailments during the year and they have weighed heavily on your emotions and body. The time hasn't been right for you to achieve every goal you set which is why things seem to be at a standstill. Do you want to move house? Is that part of your problem? Well you will, but I don't see a move until about March next year and there is a good reason for this; of which you'll become aware closer to the time of moving.

    I also feel that you've lived your life through other people for far too long and that this year was one where you truly wanted to free yourself of those bounds. Believe it or not, you are getting there, but feel you aren't because you can't see the tangible proof of your progress.

    My main messages to you, then, are:

    1. Don't lose faith

    2. Don't give up on your goals, but rather, try and re-prioritise them to fit into where you're at now

    3. I get the message that yoga would be good for you and ... wait for it ... karate. You need something physically and mentally disciplining which will give you the sort of methodical practise you sorely need for both mind, body and spirit

    4. That person who keeps hounding you - a family member of a close friend (I can't get which, but they are close to you) needs to be put in their place and told that you no longer wish to be their "convenience". This person has a hold on you of which you're aware, but feel powerless to change it. Well, you can and will and the time will be soon.

    I hope this helps!




  • omg cris thank you very much i wasn't thinking of moving but i'm not too happy where i am right now but it comfortable for now and yes i do feel like the hangman and been in a rut for quite some time yes my body is broken down due to very long hours, very hectic and physically demanding job which i really want to leave and also i'm supposed to have surgery and as for that person hounding me it could be one of 4 people one of which is my boss lol but funny your brought that scenerio up cause it is true these people know they have a hold on me put demands on me and get what they want from me even when it compromise my health finances etc i really need to work on that and i need to tell them how i feel about it and end that ...yoga makes sense also ......so i guess i better get ready to do some kung fo karate 🙂 thanks again from the bottom of my hearth love and light your way cris

  • cool bananas ... glad to be of help :))

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