Will be grateful for reading.

  • Hello,

    I am confused about everything right now. I am looking for right direction in my life. Anybody please let me know when I will be relived from my confused thoughts and emotions in my mind. Should I leave the country for ever in the end of December? 16 Feb 64?

  • relieved from my confused thoughts

    16 feb 64 is my DOB

    Thank you

  • I am extremely disappointed in the situation that surrounds me and can’t go back to reality.

    I feel that the work have no sense for me. I do not see any benefit for humanity there, only group of people fighting for money and ego destroying each other…. I am part of it and I do not like it. But how it is if you live in society: you need to be like others or at least pretend… if not -the difference will be punished...But punishment is still the definition… but punishment is not punishment if you do not take it as it is….

    I would like to change my life already for a while I want to have peace in my heart and soul… am I ready? Leaving the situation with little comfort and abusive surrounding to more uncomfortable one will change perspective of life itself and give me sense of illusive freedom but the problem that I have will not disappeared: I have difficulties to be grounded very very much and everything is in my head… I can’t shut down the thoughts and emotions in my head I am desperate in this struggle… My good friends advice me to change the work situation as she told me it is a loser situation with group of abusive people fighting for the power and control , that destroying me as a whole and not bring me anywhere. The thoughts about them and situation destroying me. The situation did not change in four years why it should change now?

    The magic is me and nobody else. I can change my thoughts and perspective that make my situation more bearable… What I want? I know: peace in my heart and soul> but how I can get there with everyday life struggle? That is the question that I need to answer as for now I do not know how I can harmonize my surrounding, thoughts and life as everything is apart… I am looking for the world as witness and try to understand why the angry people rule the world? What they have that I do not that let them moving forward, stepping on each other heads and get satisfaction and pleasure for that? If there is other way to be at work and life? Do these people perceive me angry as well and have the same goal as them or these people hate me and “killing” me emotionally because I am not doing what they do and still among them?

    Does the reading will help me really? No it would be everything temporarily still needs to do with everyday life burden very very much… I want to quit the current situation and move on…. I do not know yet where. The absence of the answer on this post is the answer by itself.

  • The more real option is that the angry people do not care about me at all as they are busy to fulfill their goals... and... I have no goal to be among them to help them to reach their goals....:)

    I need a break I think...

  • Hi, Now would be a good time to examine what other options you are thinking about. Work defines who we are not so much the people and their personalities. Are you in research. Maybe a different kind--I don't know. A lot of situations can turn into abuse. I don't know exactly what is going on but you do. You might feel better interviewing for something else.

  • Daliolite: thank you. You get it right and I am looking for new meaning in my life and may be it is a turning point in my life i am looking for for different options now

  • wait! all this and YOUR telling me i'm living in a dream world ...tis tis !

  • soulconfusion it is unfortunately how the world work, you asked the questions and got answer

    I like your comment about my situation as yes it is exactly how I feel, thank you

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