Advice for single Aquarius and married Virgo

  • Dear friends, if anyone has an idea on how to sort this out, please, please let me know! I have worked together with this married Virgo man for 5 years and we know each other very, very well. We have an amazing relationship where trust and mutual respect is the foundation. I never considered him as anything else but a colleague, but a couple of months ago, after having a dinner meeting (we've done this often!), he told me he loves me! It woke my heart and I realized that I have feelings for him too but considering the situation (so inappropriate!), I chose not to go into any details or confront him further. It is unthinkable for me to start a relationship with a married man, however, my feelings are strong and I realize we need to talk about his intentions. We have decided to meet and facing this meeting, I ask your advice on what would be the best approach. The man I know is a very loyal, considerate, analytical, helpful and warm person - but I am afraid that he might be willing to say anything to keep me on the hook (especially after reading other forum threads discussing Virgo men). This is not a cheater and he has not insinuated physical intimacy... Also, he has mentioned that there is no love left in his marriage. How do I know if I can trust that he's telling the truth? Or is he just looking to satisfy his ego by pursuing me?

  • If you feel this way for him and he for you then he won't have any problems leaving his wife, no? Or does he want a trial run with you before he leaves her?

    Ask him why he is still with her and why he hasn't left....

    I will tell you what I see.

    He tells you he loves you, you feel likewise. He tells you he can't leave his wife ( Insert excuse here) you understand because as you mentioned on your post he is not a cheater.... so then you both start an affair, he strings you along for a year or two.. outcome for you - * Heartbreak*

    Outcome for him - He moves on to the next woman to satisfy whatever it is he is missing. I know you say he is not a cheater, but how do you know? You only know what he tells you.

    It all comes down to standards and what you are willing to put up with. Is he worth you sacrificing your standards? Your time, your energy.. will you be getting what you need from him? Are you ok with being the other woman? Ask yourself these questions.

    Goodluck to you. This is scary ride, full of smokes and mirrors...

  • Dangala, many thanks for your post and for being so straight forward. I will meet with him tomorrow and will get back to let you know how this develops. My only hope is that he has enough of a spine to tell the truth - he has never lied before, not during the five years I have known him. But as you say, it could all be smoke and mirrors and honestly, I am too old to be fooling or be fooled around with... and should know better.

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