May I have a reading please?

  • Hello Friends, I had joined a dating service for a month. I made an honest effort when I viewed a match to pay attention to my first impression when I saw their eyes and face, body language and how they described themselves. Well, not bragging seriously, but I was overwhelmed with matches but took my time to do all the above. This one guy I kept checking out his bio and put him in my maybes. Then I received an email from him and we have been corresponding by email. He has a good sense of humor, he expresses himself openly, shares adventures with his granddaughter, has been employed for the same company for 34 years, has a positive attitude, very pleasant face and killer blue eyes. He lives about 6 hours away and has asked if he drive over and meet me. We talked about me being comfortable and meeting in a public place. If weather cooperates, he wants to drive over this coming Saturday (11/20). I have not decided on a location yet. I do not know his dob but mine is 6/11/51 3:20pm Spokane, WA . If any of you have some insight/intuition I would be grateful. Sincerely, MissD

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  • Having done the internet thing a while and one time met a gentleman who lived 4 hours away I have this to say:

    Pictures online don't give you a true sense of a person and you may not be looking at a current picture. I met some who showed up older, balder, fatter, shorter, and even one wearing a wedding ring! I met one absolutely gorgeous fella who unfortunately didn't have two neurons firing upstairs. My point with this is don't put too much heart into a man you haven't met yet. Out of at least 50-60 guys I have met in the past 3 years only 5 made the second date list. You have to dig through a lot of hay to find that needle.

    I will say though that the one guy I met who lived 4 hours away was a delight. He was a perfect gentleman. He brought a lovely gift and took me out for a fabulous evening. It was the best date I have had in 3 years. However, we decided not to see each other since we were both unable to relocate and neither of us thought we could truly enjoy the complications of a long distance relationship.

    Last and final point from my experience: Keep it very public. Always get there early so he cannot see you arrive/your car. Meet for only a drink. If you like each other then you can move forward with dinner plans... Follow your intuition and unless the parking lot is very well lit and busy do not let him walk you to your car the first time you meet. Never be afraid to ask for someone's ID prior to getting in a car with them. And if you aren't sure whether you feel right or not then follow the simple rule of "when in doubt leave it out." Our intuition is smarter than our rationalizing minds.

  • Dear SalientLiving,

    Thank you for your time and very sound advice. I will keep it very public and I do like your suggestion to check their ID, and to be there early. I usually am early and would rather see him drive up to a destination then him seeing me drive up. I had to laugh at the hunk that didn't have 2 neurons firing. LOL. The odds of 50/60 guys and only 5 making it to the 2nd date list sound discouraging.

    Wedding ring, older, balder, fatter, shorter and they talk about a woman's ego. I only joined for a month and I think I will not renew membership. I have recently started a new job and I think if I keep my focus on it perhaps someone will come into my life. I really feel positive I will find someone who is kind, respectful, integrity, generous etc., etc., etc., and loves and adores me.

    So, are you in a relationship now? I hope you will find someone that loves and adores you.

    I appreciate you very much and wish you the very best of everything!

    Sincerely, MissD

  • MissD,

    I am not in a relationship. It is difficult for me. I am 44, overly educated, smart, financially secure, and my house is too big. It all sounds great but I find men are either intimidated by me, feel they have nothing to offer me, or they simply don't interest me. ;~(

    I'm looking for a very special guy, but I guess we all are. Ha!

    What I'd really like to do is build my pool of female friends and support. I wish I knew how to connect with females in my area who are like minded...

    Good luck on your date,


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