Reading to ease my confusion..

  • Hey all!

    It's been some time since i've been on the boards and if it is alright, i'd love for some type of reading and advice on a difficult situation. Im in my sophomore year of college and it should be that time where i choose a set career path. My current classes range from human sexuality, sociology, 21st century art to Cinema studies. I am interested in a range of topics but cannot seem to specifically choose one. In addition to studying for school, I spend a lot of time writing in my spare time.

    Can anybody see where i am headed with my career? I know i'll put in the hard work, but when it comes to setting a path i don't even know where to begin.

    Also, can anyone see if my writing projects could lead to anything substantial?

    I appreciate any response. Thank you so much in advance!


  • Ahh--- almost forgot! Here is my date of birth if it helps.

    May 13, 1988

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