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    I needed to come for some assistance, I have had one of the hardest years of my life. I was in a relationship with a man that I found out he was married, very very hurt by this. To top it all off, I found out he was very wealthy lying to me that he didnt have any money, I paid for everything we did. His wife takes him back they go expensive vacations together and get into marriage counseling. I have never been so blinsided before in my life, I am such the innocent victim here. Will he get his bad Karma? I was also diagnosed with COPD. Gosh my life feels really hard right now. So while I'm in my own pity community, I just have to ask, will my life get better and feel like it's on a better road. Is my life going to be short lived or what comes next ?

  • I feel you know what you have to do to change your life around but you don't want to do it or maybe you are not ready. Don't worry yourself about his Karma, worry about you and your life. Forget him, he is in the past. Learn from this experience. I am sure your intuition tried to warn you many times about this guy but you didn't listen to it. Next time listen.

  • Sorry, I just feel that I'm the only one suffering and it's not fair, and no I didnt get warned until it was too late. He does not have the right to come into anyone's life and turn it upside down with lies. I was single for 13 years and than HE came into my life and lied. So yes I am worried about weather he will ever get his karma because I believe people like him deserve as much hurt as they put on people.

  • " I believe people like him deserve as much hurt as they put on people."

    He hurts people because people let him. Simple.

  • Your an idiot go away, dont give people advice

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