Can someone help me out with this combination?

  • Can someone help me out this this combination, as I still struggle to interpert readings. I did this 3 card reading to find out how he feels about me. I was in relationship with this guy, but we endend up parting on quite bad terms. I still think of him tho. And its quite strange but I get that gut feelings to go to town and as a result I keep bumping into him. Its quite strange, so I decided to do this reading and I got this combination :

    seven of cups, the world and the chariot.

    is he thinking of moving?

    can someone help me interpret it?

  • Nobody can tell what he is thinking. The only thing the cards can "show" you is your own feelings on the situation. Look at each card individually for a while, then together, as a whole. What impressions do they give you? This will tell you what action you, yourself, feel would be best. You already seem to know what you want to do, anyway.

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