Confused please??

  • I have an ex-boyfriend whom I can't seem to let go of. I thought he was someone I could spend my life with but we only dated for a year and towards the end of the relationship I felt like he couldn't be trusted and I was lied to countless times but the sex with him was great. We are still friends and he tells me he still loves me and considers me his first love. He has apologized for his actions but I still feel as though I can't trust him. I want to get back together with him because I do truly love him but I can't shake this feeling of distrust and am so confused as to why I would want to be with someone I don't trust. I've tried to end the friendship but everytime I see him my feelings for him just makes everything else go out the window. Please if you can help me to sort out my feelings. I feel like I may be setting myself up to get my feelings hurt again which is something I don't want to go through.

  • As a fellow scorpio, I must agree... it's hard to give up great sex!

    Now. Realize that with YOU (as a scorpio) in the equation, almost ALL sex is going to be AMAZING... so enjoy it while you are young!

    With that said...


    Use your strong sense of logic to deal with this...

    "Once a liar, always a liar."

    Find a bed buddy that can be loyal, loving, and wants a future. And enjoy the sex, but don't let it ever drive you to be with someone that is not worthy of you.

  • Thanks for the comment and advice!! Letting go and moving on is something that I should do. I guess I'm just scared of what I may be moving on to. I have never really liked change and this one is the shortest relationship I have ever been in. Hopefully something better will find me.

  • You are confused because you are fighting against your better judgement and your intuition for fear of being alone and or starting over.

  • Let go of all the inferiority. This is what is hindering you. When you start to believe you are worth something you will attract someone who feels the same about themselves and you also. It will be two whole people coming together. Not two halfs needing to come together out of need.

  • ~Us Scorpios have it a bit tougher, too. When we feel something, we feel it much stronger than other signs. We are pure emotional intensity. We have an ability for balancing this by being strong as hell, though....we're survivors!!!

    ~TIME dear....give it time.~

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