Queen of cups and king of cups for relationship?

  • dear all,

    ive been heavily flirting with a guy and somewhat fallen for him. nothing physical happened yet, he has a long-distance relationship which is more sort of a friendship to him. i actually didnt mean to consider anything more with him due to this fact, but i just feel the sparks and the connection growing with us two and my feelings simply overwhelm me.

    since i met him, i kept drawing the ace of cups card.

    yesterday we threw an event together (we are both in the creative industries) as an artistic project and it felt really good to be spending so much time and flirting with him. but at the end of the night a so called friend of mine appeared and she occupied him for the evening and flirted heavily. he seemed to reciprocate.

    i went home devastated. and to be sure about how to act in the future ( i really do consider giving up all hopes and just moving on for my own sake and the sake of my heart) and what this situation means i drew two cards. one concerning the whole situation: queen of cups. and one concerning his feelings for me: king of cups. (the cups, as i said before, mostly showed up in any readings regarding him). everywhere on the net it says that those are rather positive signs. and i do feel for him like ive never felt before, we are so connected and familiar with each other. but what could those cards say regarding letting go?

  • Look at the two cards side-by-side for a while, forgetting any official meaning, or other people's interpretations. What impression do they give you?

  • that's difficult, but i'll try:

    when i lay them side-by-side i can see that they look in different directions. on the other hand, both seem to be immersed in thoughts or very introspect. they both seem to be occupied with their thoughts/dreams/visions, not really partaking in the 'real' world.

    the queen to me seems sad, holding and cherishing the cup in her hand which she cannot open. maybe its too decorative for her and thus she wants to keep it in its initial shape., because it seems perfect to her already. but at the same time she craves what is inside. the queen has the option to go on land, for we can see a cliff in the background. this at least brings a little bit of realism or earthy feel to me in this otherwise so extremely gentle and sentimentally watery card.

    the king cannot enter land. he is out in the sea, with a lost ship in the background. he is constantly on the verge of entering the water, because one of his feet is near the edge of his throne. he seems serene, determined and stuck. both his hands are occupied, so he has no freedom in a way. he may want to free his right hand and give away his cup, but there is nobody there to give it to.

    the queen seems to be expecting something/someone, she is cradled by her throne and yet she seems welcoming. the king seems content by himself, ruling his little space, thinking, waiting, considering and visualising, but not taking action.

    (the most striking fact is that the king's face really resembles the features of my crush's face..thats weird ;))

    thank you for your time.

  • To me it sounds like both of you are expecting something to happen but nobody wants to make a move.

  • well, but how about him: are there any feelings involved or is he just playing along with every girl he sees?

  • Hello Orph .. I would say he is sweet on you but wont make a move .. Is he younger than you?

  • hello dangala,

    wow, yes, he is a few years younger than me! he is very playful but at the same time deep and intelligent. but a bit goofy and always fooling around with me. hm. he does very nice things for me, always helping out, very thoughtful. his behaviour just feels like so much more than friendship to me, but maybe ive just had too many experiences with bad boys that i cant see a man's decency for what it is: normal behaviour 😉

    however, i dont want to scare him away by making a more meaningful move. even though i feel more empowered to do so than ever before, i can hardly hold back when i'm with him. sometimes i think he MUST feel that somehow...

  • I saw him looking at you as someone who is above him either in age or maybe you are his boss or work above him..That is why I asked is he younger..

    I feel The Queen Of Cups is indicating his girlfriend.. and he is looking at you as someone who is similar to her. You remind him of her in some ways. I don't think he would be unfaithful while he is in a relationship. He likes to flirt and get attention from women but that is where he draws the line.

    Just my reading ..

  • thank you for your thoughts. you may be right. i dont want to ruin the relationship either. i guess i will let time do its work. maybe i will meet someone else. or maybe he will come home, to me, leaving her behind. however, i shall try to be more content by myself. ...

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