Reading please

  • I would like a reading. 4/8/62. I had a dream the other night meeting a handsome gregarious younger irishman. Brown long curly hair, I sure hope he's around the corner in my life..

  • Dear Arieskaren,

    This is called a disire dream. I feel like you are now ready for love in the thrid degree, and dreaming of this man means that the flood gates have opened and you will be meeting several men over the next 3-6 months. One will be a black haired man with sky blue eyes and a handsome fellow I must say. Look for him to knock on your door at the end of Dec. How do you meet these men? You are a woman with good intutition and friends , feels like an introduction to me.

    Happiness in Love Coming


  • Thank you Shuabby, for sharing your insights.

  • Shuabby,

    I believe I meet him last week and we hit off instantly. His family has been trying to set us up for the past year and we finally meet last Saturday and he's totally into me:)

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