Need reading about relationship

  • Me and hubby have been through a rough ride lately and i'm wondering where this is headed. We've been together 18 years. Will we repair what's broken or will we split is the question I need an anwer to. We're trying to fix things but it's been rough going.

    Thank you to anyone who is willing to do a reading for me.

  • You cannot be possibly asking anyone but yourself to answer this question? You own your will! It is you and he who decides. Sacred relationship.

    Affirmation: " I embrace the divine acceptance and truth of all my relationships including my higher self"

    "My divine way foward is in the path of light which resonates my heighest self and the divine truth I embrace"

    Tower: Past-nurture yourself as best you can and learn the lessons that came with the event corresponding with the card. (kncups)


    What am I pretending about?

    Have I built my life on false or unhealthy values?

    Am I stuck in an unhealthy rut? What can I do to change it?

    Am I lying to myself about something going on under my nose?

    Am I living in an ivory tower of illusion? Living under false pretenses?

    Am I ignoring some tell-tale signs that I'm not being treated with the respect and love I deserve?

    Present: Kn Cups-My appearance will mark your need to weed out dishonesty in your life and kill it at the source. Further, I will ask you to take this action by means of emotional intelligence. Use your ability of intuitive perception to gain the knowledge you need in the situation expressed in the cards.

    So Yes, the near card to the tower is the Knight Cups.....I will let you intuitivly discern that.....

    Future: Queen Wands:-Poise is my natural state, not because I feel I must put on a mask. Far from it. My transparency and humanity combined with my royal status is what makes me magnetic."

    Questions: What if you had no sense of entitlement?

    ❤ ❤ ❤ Balance & Harmony ❤ ❤ ❤

    Do you utilize temperance as a tool for spiritual, intuitive growth?

    Peace Love Prosperity

    Divine Love


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