Feeling lost & hoping for a reading

  • Hi,

    I'm 32, Scorpio, 07/11/1978.

    Having a really rough time in my love life & just wondering if anyone who does readings could shed some light for me pls.

    I'm not necessarily looking at the moment, but just need to get myself out of this ' funk '.

    I'm very new on here & never asked for a reading before, so I do hope it's not too rude of me.

    I thank anyone in advance who is able to offer some insight.

    Kindest Regards

  • Hello Eliza78,

    Welcome to the site. I'm clairvoyant and will be glad to give you a reading.

    Your love life feels a bi t like a roller coaster ride. Is the object of your affection a water sign? Pieces, Cancer? What I'm receiving for you is that you must not hold on so tightly and try to control the outcome of this romance. It will be in your life for a while longer if you can do this one thing. You need to take a look at yourself dear and how you are preceiving romance and what it is you really want from it. marriage? A longterm relationship?

    If you have a deep concern please send a detail question.

    Blessing To You


  • Thank you Shuabby.

    He is a Taurus : 17/05/82.

    The general behind this is that his ex came back on the scene after months of no contact. He returned to her for a 3rd try at it.

    You are right that I need to 'let go' & not try to control it : I can't. I know I need to live my life, but I have such a strong feeling that it won't work out for them. Whether he comes back is a separate issue almost. Not sure what I would do then really.

    I guess a detail question is : will it go the distance for them & would he return to my life if it didn't.

    I don't know her dob, only name. If you need more detail, pls let me know. I wasn't sure what you would require.

    Kindest Regards



  • Hello Liz,

    He will stay as long as she will let him as I feel there is a deeper connection here for them , do they have children? If you wait for him to be free , you will be on the merry-go round again, as she and he have a karma to work out this time around.

    You will be meeting a man that has dark hair and eyes, very hipnotic ones. He will help you to mend and recapture your own essense again. I hear the name Roy here and Juliette also. These will be people in your life just either passing through or will have a real meaning to you.

    Books are being shown to me ? Are you thinking of returning to school or college to learn something you always wanted to gain knowledge of?

    Look for this man to come into your life in Dec-Jan and please keep me updated as to your progress in healing and new beginnings.


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