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  • Hey, I currently live in Taiwan and teach English. I have become friends with a co-worker over the past 6 months or so and the relationship is going toxic IMO.

    My name is Kenneth and I was born on June 22, 1981....his name is Ritchie and he was born on October 30....not sure what year....anyways.....he always counters everything I say and one ups me, which sometimes causes me to retaliate with anger. He always talks about how certain other people try to manipulate or control situations like his brother and a nother co-worker of our's. I do was beginning to consider him a good friend....but lately...I just feel drained around him...example....a movie that I really like and we agree to watch together...he will always make snide jokes about it when we watch together or downplay it......or the other day I said water has a special energy about it and he3 acted like I was stupid and then countered with he htinks the moon has a alot of energy or whatever.....he never asks why I think the way I do and always just downplays my opinions or counters....then last night me him and another co-worker played games together and I got into an argument with both of them....which le3ft me feeling very very drained.....he always has to control situations or be the "leader." He never has had a really serious GF or good family situation and once tried to commit suicide...but acts so morally superior to everyone......I try to be his friend and sometimes he is good to talk to....but lately I have had it with his controlling and manipulative tactics.....another thing...he always puts on this super bubbly nice guy act to strangers and is kind of quite, moody the majority of the time when alone really is starting to disgust me. He says it's being positive....but I see it as fake and manipulative and desperate. Also...he is a total kiss ass at work to the Taiwanese staff and others kind of view him as a brown noser. I don't care to be friends with him anymore. Am I being too hard on him with this or should I trust my instincts? Please a little physic advice would be greatly appreciated as I don't believe I am perfect in all of this as well. Many thanks.

  • Oh, he is around 30 years old.

  • Oh my bad....he is 28 I'm pretty sure, if that helps.

  • any advice guys

  • please some advice would be greatly appreciated

  • Just put some distance between you and him that's all, do your own things, complete indifference, nothing else.

    If he provokes you ignore it and always be respectful, you do not want to be down at his level, nor you should talk about this with anybody else at work, you wont look good.

    Just say you are busy if he asks you to do something with him.

    AND you make sure you have a life, friends and activities outside of work.

    Good luck... let's see if someone else can give you advice.

  • move on

  • Speaking from a purely personal perspective, not astrological--I used to have a friend just like yours to a T. He was Pisces, but no matter--there is something far more psychological than astrological going with this guy, and he is just going to bring you down with him if you stick around. It will be better for both of you in the long run if you move on now.

  • It is just ego stuff. The ego does what it does. Instead of ruminating about his defects and blaming etc move on.In your heart of hearts you know what is right. These kinds of testing relationships can be looked on as teaching us where to draw our boundaries and what we are willing to deal w/ in others personalities. Being "drained" is a red flag. As kindly as you can let him be, try not to react to his behavior and just do your life. These are your buttons getting pushed. Maybe there is something to be looked at there. Best of luck.

    Cheers Pfree

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