Some Insight needed Please Captain

  • Hello again Captain 🙂 Could you please give me some insight on the relationship between my mother and I? I moved in with her 2 years ago because of my sickness. I am starting to feel like I might need some space from her, or maybe move out all together although I am terrified of living alone right now because I don't feel I am ready, specially now that I am coming off my medication.

    I love her so much but at this point in my life specially with what I am going through I don't feel she is helping my cause at all, in fact I feel like I am drowning and she is pushing me further down with her negativity and depression.. I also suffer from depression but I am trying so hard to get on top of it. I am trying to think positive but her telling me she wants to kill herself all the time or telling me she went to do it but changed her mind, is not helping me at all. I feel when I am doing good she always does and says things that totally deflate me. I have told her many times to please not tell me things like that but she still does it, even when she doesn't I feed off her bad energy. I know she is not doing it on purpose but I wish just for once she could be my rock instead of the other way round.

    She is going through some hard times as well but to be honest her whole life has been filled with drama one way or another. I am not saying my issue is bigger than hers but I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel really lost and scared to go backwards..

    Thank you in advance. 🙂

  • oops

    My date of birth is August 4th 1976

    Mums is April 29 1953

  • 1957 not 1953. Sorry.

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