Are my feelings are real?

  • Lately I have these feeling that something going on behind my back. Like my superior and some collegue making something up against me. How real my feeling are? These feeling coming in waves... I feel it like a panic attack in a way that I am trapped and there is no issue from the situation. Please if anybody let me know if this feeling are real and there is really something going behind my back or it is just my ego feeding my destructive negative thinking? I had this question on my old topic as well.

    If anybody experiences this kind of thoughts and how I can free myself from these feelings?

  • You have too much energy stored in your body and you need to burn it. This energy is stagnant and it is making you think too much. Do you feel blocked at all? Physically and or mentally? If so movement is required. Let all those emotions out with movement, with sweat.

  • I am physically very active ....The work that I do demand a lot of intellectual forces and it seems I am at the top here as well.... I blocked rather emotionally ... I am just tired from all work without reward... i think...

  • I didn't pick up any gossip as such. I did pick up blockages, anxiety and the end of a cycle whether voluntary or not there is a change coming. Maybe a change you wont like?

  • Dangala, thank you.

  • Yes, I feel changes in the air . These changes are for good. If change come no matter what I embrace it with grace and love as I need this changes to feel and be myself: free spirit flying around peaceful mountains!

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