Compelled to use certain numbers

  • For years I have been fascinated by numbers, specifically the time 11:11. As a pre-teen/teenager, my watch alarm was set to 11:11 every time it occured. I am an intuitive healer & currently studying & learning about my gifts. My curiosity peaked this week when I recently resigned from my job. Ironically, my last day was 11/11....I didn't notice that until 11/12. I thought of all these years that I have been compelled by repetitive numbers, specifically 11:11.

    When I buy things I(seemingly compulsively) have to purchase a certain number or sequence. When I use a timer, I am always compelled to use certain times 1:11, 2:22, :33, etc. When I remove something from timing(oven, microwave, etc.) I wait until the numbers agree with my brain...either the aforementioned sequences or 1:51, 2:32, etc.

    As many people report, I don't suddenly see these repetitive pattern, I seem to compulsively create them. If anyone has any insight, it would be much appreciate it.

  • Brown-eyedgirl,

    your compulsivity especially for the number one shows that you are suppressing your male element. Be courageous enough to show your male energy, and your compulsivity will go. Collect all your energies to give your male part inside of you the possibility to arise.

    It is like when you hypnotize somebody. You then can tell him, “Tomorrow morning you will go to the market and you will purchase a certain kind of a cigarette, a certain brand.” You can suggest this to that person in deep hypnosis. Tomorrow morning he will get up and he will not have any idea that he is going to purchase a certain brand of cigarettes in the market, because the conditioning has entered into the unconscious, has been put in the unconscious. His conscious mind is unaware. He will not even have any idea of why he is going to the market. But he will find some rationalization: he will say, “Let us go shopping today.” Why today? He will say, “This is my freedom. Whenever I want to go I will go. Who are you to prevent me? This is my freedom.” And he’s unaware, completely unaware that this is not freedom at all. And he will go to the market with the idea that he is free, and he may not even think for a single moment that he’s going to purchase a certain brand of cigarettes. Then suddenly he comes across a shop and he says to himself, “Why not purchase a packet of cigarettes? You have not smoked for so long.” And he is thinking that he is thinking it! And he goes to the shop and he says, “Give me this brand of cigarettes, 555.” Why not Panama? Why not Wills? Why not Berkeley? He will say, “This is my choice! I am free to choose!” And he will purchase 555, and he remains free – at least in his idea. He’s not free, he has been conditioned.

  • hanswolfgang,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I don't know the way to "show (my) male energy." In the second paragraph are you saying that I am merely conditioned in reference to using certain, sequential/repeting numbers? Please elaborate.

  • Brown-eyedgirl,

    Please elaborate: that is the darkness which does not let you flow.

    Perfume needs to spread, otherwise it becomes just smoke.

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