Just some ramblings I suppose

  • Good Morning: Although I'm pretty much a Libra in all aspects of life. As of late: Being faced with all i can describe as a dishonest female in a relationship I had to end for my own sanity lol.

    When I am pushed in any way. I simply have to push back harder. I choose in my arsenal. The most hurt full things that I know will cut to the core and just let go. Later of course... I feel poorly

    even though It was a reaction to comments or false accusations toward me & apologize. I too Fall very deeply

    and very hard when the rare instance occurs that I fall in love . However... Not sure if this is umm Libra like? But I rarely forgive and NEVER forget. I'm the kindest & giving of persons

    until I'm wronged. Then my dark side appears and Although I never waste time or energy with

    paybacks or retaliations. My emotions return to a dark abyss & I reach a point of no return to any feelings of love or even caring of that individual. This is all very strange considering I myself; have left in every LT relationship. No one to my knowledge has ever been unfaithful to me either. Nor have I. I am as loyal as a dog to all that I love or am in love with

    As i stated in the tag line. Just some ramblings. Apologies If I wasted anyones time in reading this :]

  • My husband is a Libra, and you sound just like him, Libra's are one of my favorite kinds of people. You can't put a price on loyalty, realiability, and just honest to goodness love with no conditions or restrictions. I am a Gemini and this is my third marriage, and I can tell you from experience that I should have always been with a Libra, he lets me be me, Gemini's need that.

    Yes my husband will hold a grudge for a very, very, very, long time and do not ever hurt anyone in his immediate circle or you will pay big time for it. I love my man, he is speaks softly but carries a big stick and if you make him mad you better run for the hills, and stay there a while.

  • Yes, those do sound very much like Libra traits. I share pretty much all of them. I think that It's that balance and justice side of our personalities or souls that motivates this. When you feel that you've been judged unfairly or wronged, you want to restore 'balance' and therefore are prepared to 'push back' against the 'injustice' and restore what you feel is a proper or fair balance. Therefore, when we feel 'pushed' we feel not only justified in 'pushing back' but also feel almost 'obligated' to do so and therefore to restore 'balance'. When emotions have cooled (and we perceive balance has been restored) we often can feel poorly about the things we've done or said during that 'push back', but in reality, even when I feel bad about my 'push back', I always still feel justified.

    I am also a most loyal person to my friends and loved ones, but once I feel that I've been wronged or betrayed by them it is a VERY difficult thing for me to forgive or forget. The trust is pretty much gone.

  • First I would like to say I hear a little low self esteem there which is natural I think for this sign. At least I had that problem for many years but I am growing. And I hate to tell ya but we are not Angels all the time. We do get tired of having stuff pilled on us and we loose it. And I wish I had a nickle for everytime I said I am as faithful as a dog. I hear that a lot from Libras. And I always thought my stinging tongue was because I was close to Scorpio. But maybe its from Sag my ascending sign that like myself doesn't always hold back either. But I have found over the years those who do the accussing sometimes are the one doing the deed and they think well if I am doing it they must be too. Or its an excuse to get out of the relationship so they keep harping or beating that dead horse. And I used to say I don't get even and I still think I don't but I just stop acknowleging that perspm because now they cease to exsit in my world. I don't speak or look at them. I know its bad. But bad manners begets bad manners. And if we didn't have time to waste we would be on here. Have a much better day and week.

  • Thanks for the insight. Your real close to the truth. Not neccesarily Low self esteem but I do agonize

    over my appearance and a lot of times what I do or how I look is very important to me & if not perfect.

    Then I deem it; Not good enough. I do however posess the ability to ALWAYS look in the mirror and know that it's my fault. Not anyone elses or the worlds.Hell no I'm no angel lol. Like I say about myself. I may and do Fk up.

    But I've never fk'd anyone over. I see your point also about the.. for lack of a better term.. Kettle black

    theory. This dishonesty Aged & hit me hard for 2 mos. because it was in regard to Myself being faced

    with the prospect of being a father for the 1st time in my 47 yrs. I'm Still not even sure on the facts or even the validity of the pregnancy yet but

    I will not be one. Cosidering all the risk factors. I agonized over it But it's a blessing that: However she supposedly lost the child

    Hell if I know how..or If .... It's over and that's it. Anyway... Thanks for reading.. again.. & the well wishes.

    Best Regards

  • Sincerest apologies for bleeding all over this forum. with the last post..

  • Hey that's what we are here for. Helping each other. You may have something to say that helps someone else. So see what goes around comes around. It all good.

  • I don't know where your located but if your available I know a very nice lady that lives on the north east coast and she is available. I met her on here. You will see her threads on All About Libras I think that was it. She goes by 3timesLibra. We email each other now off of this site. Check her posts out let me know if you want a connection and I will tell her your interested and she can catch you on here.

  • Thanks very much. But I am just in the ending stages of all this emotional turmoil & thinking; after

    6.5 yrs of being alone that it was a mistake to re enter the Emotional realms of life. Also considering The economic climate of my State and being in the same bad situation as many others

    find themselves in. I'm best suited returning to the lifestyle of meaningless.. well...... a couple of times a yr to simply keep me satisfied??

    It was; however : Not sure how to describe it.... To once again touch with a feeling attached to it

    and have the passion that burns so strongly within me ignited once again. For now: It's best left

    extinguished & allow the ice to re form & let the darkness return. Thanks again.

    Strange though.. This woman is the 1st whom I've had to deal with this type of behaviour.

    Every other whom I've been in a Love relationship with. I still speak to even after many yrs. Although Not {in love} The 3 & myself still share a strong connection and a mutual love & genuine caring with each other Even with one living many miles away in FL.

    Best Regards

  • i think it is rather interesting. Do you believe you are unique in this? No id say it is far more human than libra of you.lol We all think highly of ourselves even if we don't like us. We all let the

    negative stand out highlighted while the pleasant creeps to the crevices. Thank for sharing and

    know I cant even answer my phone with out overcomming judgement and forgiving and forgeting again. I went to mass yesterday {easter} and the priest said a quote from some one clever anbd I missed : "every time we give up and start again we are living in the resurection, everytime we loose our way and find it we are living in the resurection, everytime we hate and love again, that right, we are actively living in the resurection". We all fail to act out the kindness we know to be righteous and in this acknowledgement we find our fullfillment. I think i boils down to we are not as in control as we'd like and this sight helps me to deal with that and so did your thoughts, so thanks.

  • Well I'm glad that my Ramblings actually had somewhat of a positive effect in any capacity.

  • Hey Midnytesyndicate,

    I may get a little angry at someone and make a fuss but I rarely get "mad." it implies that one has lost their reason in anger. So I have a saying: I don't get mad, I get even. And it is true, when people cross me unfairly I get even. I don't think there is a dark side to that I think it is just fair play.

  • As i said.. Glad somehow, someway My thread wasn't just space filler & It at least made some

    sense & helped or at least got some people thinking along similar lines or.......??

  • Cheers!

  • I could go back to those that love. It's all there if I want it. I could go on running off into the night lonely & haunted.

    The strange thing is... I don't know which I'd prefer as I sit her and watch the sunset....

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