Indigo and Crystals

  • I have recently come to a new understanding of the psychic abilities that I was born with. I am struggling to know how to better decifer between information that is coming to me and information that I make in my own mind. If anyone can help, I get bits and pieces of things, and other times it is just a feeling about someone or a situation. I have a hard time deciding sometimes if it is information being given or if I am making the situation in my own mind.

  • Hello Becky, I too learned not to long ago that I am a indigo and it is hard sometimes to know the differance. Before I learned what I'm called I knew I had a gift of some sort. From a very early age I could just know stuff about ppl and whenever I would speak up I would get all kinds of neg feed back and I later learned that that was what was causing the confusing in my mind of what was a gift or my mind as you are experiencing now. Once you have come to learn that in yourself than you will know if it's the gift or your mind and another great advice is to let go of the feeling of being wrong because that too can hinder your process because even if you come out and say something and you are wrong 9 times out of 10 there is a lesson to be learned from it. Another thing is to really pay a attention to yourself when you peg something and you know you are right your body will tell you that you are right or wrong. If you start to feel sick than you are wrong it's your soul's way of correcting you and the more you learn this the better you will get. But most of all when you tell ppl the things you know and say it's not the best of news don't let their feed back affect you because I'm sure you have heard don't shoot the messenger well they will. We were sent here to cut through the old bullshit and teach a new way of being so the crystal children can do their job and that is to heal and teach as well. But not everyone is willing to change so it does make it hard on us but that is to build our character and make us stronger because the world needs us more than ever and if we can join together in our hearts and minds we can change the world, but it's not going to be easy and the divine knew this and that is why we are scattered from each other so we could impack the ppl that are around us. I hope you get what I am saying. Just listen to the silence and it will guide you just don't be afraid. If you need to talk keep doing what you were sent here to do and you will find all the support you need.

  • I don't want to sound stupid and I all, but I just wanted to know what is indigo and crystal... I really have a interest in astrology and everything. I want to understand it because I feel that it runs true most of the time...

  • indigo is a deep purple. If you know any popular "hippie" terms like purple haze, deep purple, or indigo children - they all represent a belief that humanity has reached a new age in which people scattered around the world who were born after the 70s have some sort of accelerated sense of empathy, creativity, awareness and all around psychic ability. You feel you're one of us? Welcome to those purple aura. The color of royalty, and referenced by some to the same color of the cloth hung around Christ while crucified. If you're interested, look up also the importance of December 12th, 2012

  • There is a movie called "Indigo" that is outstanding and available in the local DVD rental stores and the Spiritual Cinema Circle that explains the Indigo children that are being recognized and are growing in numbers. First let me say that I'm honored to be associated with an Indigo here! WOW! I know of two children that are but they are only 2 and 4 years old right now and hasn't even begun to know their abilities.

    As for recognizing what's real psychically, I'd like to add my two cents if I may.

    I have found that when I get a psychic insight, my inner voice is usually softer and less forceful than when I'm in my "self." I will often see something that correlates to what I hear. For example, in giving a cold reading recently, I kept seeing a "black box" in my mind and asked the girl did her father die in a plane because that's all I could intellectually associate with a black box. She told me "No. But he was pinned against a wall by a black automobile." So sometimes, although the mention is clear, we may not understand what the association is. And of course, many times I need to get myself out of the way so I can hear. That was especially hard in the beginning. Don't know if that's helpful or not. Debbie

  • As far as being Indigo, by your discription of being born after the 70's I guess I wouldn't fall in that catagory since I was born in 1973... I have had kind of intuition feelings conected with my mother when I was a teenager. My mother and father were forced to sepperate by social services because of an incedent that happened... My mother has a mental illness and when she would enter the hospital after a long stint if being ok I would have a feeling that she was off her meds and back in the hospital and at the moment of the feeling my granny would call to let us know she was back in the hospital...I live in NC and my mother is in TN.... I really can't do that anymore, I guess because I know she is in a group home now where I know they will keep her on her meds .. I was just wondering what you thought..

  • Millisa73, Indigo children can be born at any time. They just started noticing them after the 70's! Many of the older people who are having Indigo children might be Indigo's themselves. The problem is that in the past (I was born in 1956) when we exhibited signs of some kind of psychic ability we were told that we were "nuts" or in my case, the family said I was "touched" or special. I wasn't allowed to develop my ability because it was looked on as either from the devil or some fantasy. I didn't hear voices, I didn't see things before they happened, and so forth - it was all in my head. They just didn't understand. You may be an Indigo. There are certain characteristics that Indigo's have and the confirmation is in the color of the aura. I suggest you watch the movie "Indigo" and if you're really curious, have a picture of your aura taken. That will confirm it one way or another.

    Don't be too hard on yourself about not seeing your mother. Every soul has its journey and she is living hers. Take care of yourself. You have your journey to experience. Be kind to yourself. You are a child of the Universe and a child of God and you are loved. Debbie

  • Thank you Debbie... How would you have a picture made of your aura? I have a big special journey as soon as I hurdle the test... I graduated from from Massage school last year in March and now have to pass the Nationals... This will be my 4th attempt... As soon as pass get my license to practice get a job to make some money I want to start continue ed classes on reiki and stones and maybe crstal therapy work that will balance chakras...

  • Millisa73, Aura's are captured with a Kirlian Camera. (If you Google that term you'll get lots of information.) They used to have people doing it at Psychic Fairs around us years ago. So, you'll have to find someone around you that has one. The cost of having the picture taken is minimal. My partner had one taken before I met him and I've seen his. It's fascinating. You can see three distinct faces in his and it's a bright, bright red with an outer ring of white. There are also people who can see aura's so if you find someone like that it would be helpful but you wouldn't have the physical proof of what you're look like as you would with the photo.

    As for passing the test, you say it's your 4th attempt. What's holding you back? You went to school, you graduated, so you must know this stuff, right? I get a sense while writing this that you doubt yourself. You lack confidence in your abilities. Don't. You are what's holding you back. I would recommend that you read the book by Marianne Williamson, "A Return to Love". I feel you are carrying around a lot of emotional baggage that may be blocking and hindering your success. You must learn to have faith in yourself. You know deep down inside that you are capable of doing this. You also know that you know that this is what you are destined to do. There's an old saying, "Physician, heal thyself!" and I keep hearing that for you. Clear your own blocks and you will be able to soar through that test. No more attempts - only success! Debbie

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