Please help.>.<

  • Im so confused right now.

    Im in love with a boy whos sun is in Aries,rising in Cancer,and moon in Gemini.

    My sun is in Gemini,rising in Leo,and moon in Aqaurius.

    How am I supposed to make this work?:

    Ever since I found out his rising was in cancer..bleh.Made things a whole lot harder.

    Im never good at the emotional stuff,and I have no idea how to handle it.

    Will this ever work?

    I really like him a lot.And I think I might even be starting to fall in love with him.

    I really need to make this work,and Ill do anything.

    But I don't know how..):

  • Just be yourself that is all you can do. Personally I don't place much importance on Astrological comparisons between couples. It is not complex enough and humans are complex unique individuals. The signs and planets give you an idea that is all. You can be a perfect match for someone in the stars but what if this person has major issues or is just a ratbag?

    Why do you feel you "need" to make this work? the words "need" and "I'll do anything" is not a good start. imo...

  • Well.

    Cause hes perfect.<3

    And I like him a lot,I might even be falling in love with him.((=

    But the whole astrology thing gets me all confused.

    Thanks for your help have a point.:P

  • You have a lifetime to fall in love. Concentrate n your studies 😛

  • LOL.:P

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