Offering a few free photo readings

  • Yellowdaylilly,

    Hi, glad to have a chance to do this for you. First of all the young man in the picture is in quite a bit of pain. I feel this very strongly. He is also very happy,very loving,,careing,compassionate,and honest. I have a feeling that the real question behind this pic is honesty... I believe he is very honest.. Trust your heart. You have a loving careing heart and are not quite as happy as yyou want to be, but i think it is because you are not sure of his honesty.. I see hurt in your eyes. Maybe he has hurt you before and you are wandering if it is happening again. I dont see it happening.. Take a deep breath and let your fears go.. He has learned his lesson.. He loves you very much. Make sure communication is a key role in the relationship.... Have fun.... enjoy each other... and may God Bless you and give you every desire that you have.. If this is not what you wanted to know, let me know, and i will come back and do another for you.. Love and Blessings, GG

  • Chris1962,

    Hi,hope you are doing well,from the pic i would say you are.. Well sometimes I am a little grouchy,,, LOL Ok, from your pic, I am picking up tremendous energy !! You are surronded by Angels'' They are helping along the pathway that you are walking.. You have had a tough life and finally figured it out.! You are definatly going down the right path now... Keep it up, keep asking the angels for guidance and help.. That is what they are there for. You have to ask though before they can help you.. They are telling me to tell you to keep pushing forward.. Dont stop... There is a plan.. You will see when you get to the end of the road.. Meditate, jot down your dreams, and keep on following that road... You know what i am talking about..

    You are very much psychic..It is just hard for us to read ourselves and family... You must use your gifts to help people . God gave me my gifts and that is what i am trying to do here, to help people.. I am very psychic in all areas... I just dont have alot of time to put it to use... So when I get some spare time i try to do the best that i can with it. God and the Angels have led me down this path and I fully intend to follow it... You need to do the same.. Take their handd and follow them.. Listen carefully to what they have to say. If you have too much noise, may i suggest wearing ear plugs.. Works wonders for me.... If i can help you in any other way, let me know... Blessings and Love GG

  • Dasha444,

    Hi hun, I hate to say this but if I were you i would turn around and run the other direction as hard as I could.. You deserve so much better.. This is just what I see, he is not trustworthy, will mess around on you, will end up in jail, will just bring you down with him.... I see nothing around him good.. He is a charmer,sure. Please take my advice on this and let it go.. You are a very smart young lady. You have intuition and i know it has told you to be watchful.. Please listen to your gutt... I see no good around this man at all... I see evil.. Please Please Please..... drop him and dont look back..... Sorry I know you didnt want to hear this, but that is what i am getting... If I can help you more, let me know..

    Blessings and Love , GG

  • Hi GG! I should have stated, I am not in the pic and I think you thought I am? That is a father and son. 🙂 (but I am neither lol). Let me know if that changes what you see. Sorry I did not make that clear when I posted!

    Thank you so much and many blessings!


  • Well thanks grouchygranny!

    Didnt' think ou were really grouchy ... haha! I get called a cranky mother sometimes, so, guess we've got to keep a balance somewhere 🙂

    I do feel like anges are always around me because I come across feathers quite often, and have been sent a few soul-mates during this year as well - in the guise of women friends who've helped me deal with probably the most difficult decision I've had to make in my life to date: leave my husband. I left last year, but we are both having trrouble moving on even though I know it's been the right thing for both of us.

    Yes, it's too hard to read for yourself and family members; I often refuse to read for close loved ones because I get ZILCH. I read for my daughter here and there, but it's practise and often about friends of hers.

    I've had a bit of a lay-off with readings this year because I felt so overwhelmed with other things going on in my life, yet I was pulled back to Tarot on Sunday night and the rest is history! I had a very interesting reading from hanswolfgang which totally blew me away. I'll pop the gist of it below if you're interested to read it.

    I know what you mean by not having a lot of time to devote to this. I work and often work four to five days a week and with other things to do around my lil farm, I just get too busy and tired to focus on readings. Still and all, those Higher Ups decided enough was enough and plonked me back in front of the computer and MADE me hit out of all the stuff in my favourites.

    You are right that life's been tough up until now. Not in the usual sense most people talk about, but tough in other ways. Love has always either eluded me or been a disappointment and I think I am at a point now where I need to take a more pragmatic approach to it. I love to fantasise, but guess that in matters of the heart, fantasies are best kept quiet and not something to try and find. But I have to say I'd love that feeling of being "in love" again ... sigh. It's a thing of the past and probably might have to remain so, more's the pity 🙂

    Thanks so much for your insight here; I very much appreciate it. If there is anything I can do for YOU, please let me know,




  • ps if you would like to email me i can send you a pic of both of us? I am very intrigued by the picture readings!

    My email is

    Thank you again and yes you hit some nails right on the head with the young man! 🙂

  • Chris1962,

    I knew it !! You follow those Angels and persue what makes you happy.

    I think when you find your place where the Angels are leading you that you will also find your Love that you so desire and need. Hang in there sister, it is coming.. Keep in touch with me ..I dont know if we are allowed to post email add. here or not do you? I feel that we must stay in touch... I can help you...

  • Hi again Granny,

    Here's Hans' reading below (I know your time is precious, but if you have a few mins, take a look and tell me what you think). Also, I've no prob chatting via email. My email address is if you want to drop me a line.


    Maybe we can help each other? Thanks again. And you know, doesn't matter how challenging things have got throughout this year or how lonely I get, I never feel threatened or alone where I live. The Angels brought me here and I am grateful every day for this beautiful place. I just need to adjust my thinking, get rid of the past and things should be hunky-dory!!



    what's in store for me in the near future regarding work, money/finances and of course, love and relationships:

    you are like made out of steel. Thunder will fill the heavens with its awful roar, not out of pride, but with integrity; if it did less, it would not be thunder: because of your great Power, take pains not to overstep your position, so that you will not seem intimidating or threatening to the established order. Opportunity will arise along this course. The awesome power available in near future stems from what the Taoists call your Te, a term not perfectly translated into English. Roughly, it is your Integrity -- not in the Western sense of honor -- but more in the psychological definition of a full integration of Who You Are. This awesome power is achieved only by fully embracing both the good and the bad, the strong and the weak, the masculine and the feminine -- all polarities within you. Such self-knowledge spawns a mastery tempered with the humility necessary to rein in and harness this awesome power.

    Still, I'd like to know what you see:

    I see your potential suppressed and hindered.

    Getting bored with one man, a wise woman is bored with all men. Living in one palace, a wise woman has lived in all palaces. For a wise woman, just one happening is enough.

    Thanks yet again. Very nice to come across you! No wonder I was dragged back here; you are among three I've come across here - two I was talking to briefly very early this year and yourself. Strange how those Higher Ups work sometimes isn't it?



  • I meant if any others apart from Granny want to talk to me privately ... yegods ... 🙂

  • Yellowdaylilly,

    I am so sorry, had several pics up at the same time. I was looking through all of them, but when i came to the young man in your pic that is what i picked up on.. It did not put your email add in i am not sure we can post it here, but i would love to read another one for you. and I will go back and read the other gentleman in the pic you sent earlier . It may be tomorrow before i can get it on here.. Thanks,GG

  • Thanks GG! I will look for you tomorrow. If you have a general sense of the father/son relationship? You really got a lot of points right with the young man and if you were referring to me, that works but if you thought I was the dad then the rest does not, if that makes any sense. Admin got me quick and deleted the email addy! If you do not get any feeling that is ok too.

    Thank you and have a wonderful night!


  • Yellowdaylilly, I was just saying what i was picking up from the young man.. Weather it refers to you or someone else i dont know, but I don think it was directed to you.. I will work on doing the reading on your husband and let you know tomorrow.. You can im me on fb under cindy turner blevins if you would like to private msg me there.. or my email is Please only meant for you and those i give permission to email me.. Msgs only on fb.. please... Thanks and lots of blessings to you this holiday season.. GG

  • GG - you were so on with him! I was just confused when you said you saw the hurt in my eyes, I assumed you meant the other guy was me.

    Much love to you for the reading - it was my first photo reading and so right. 🙂


  • Hi GrouchyGranny1, I think you may have missed mine way back on page 2 please:( ?

  • I think you may have missed mine too on page 3 😞

  • Can I get a reading as well? Hopefully my pic uploads...

  • trying again...

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi grouchygranny1 - thanks - I just saw your answer. You are right about both men in various ways. The middle one does have some issues with alcohol but will not admit it. (Dysfunction and denial run rampant in his family) The one on the right is hurting, physically, emotionally and otherwise and I do not think he wants anyone to see it. Cooking? ah - its time to make pumpkin pies. If only pie could cure what ails :).

    FYI - the first is my husband/almost exhusband - depending on what he does and the other is just my friend - depending on what he does. thanks so kindly. TD

  • Ohhhh What A lovellly Idea!! I Would Loveee A reading so I Am Going To Try And Dooo this ❤ ❤ ❤ Much Love

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