Offering a few free photo readings

  • uuuuggghhhhhhhhhh

  • .....and here's me

  • can i have a reading please??? can you see a future for us?

  • can i have a reading please??? can you see a future for us?

  • can i have a reading about my future when am i going to get married n to whom (star sign)

  • i m resending a picture as it was denied earlier ...Q; when n how soon i get married n star sign ...n anything important u see my reading

  • i m tryin to upload a pic for reading but in vain ...lets see this time ....sorry GNanny

  • Can you please tell me what you "see".This is a photo of me from about 3 months ago

  • trying again

  • BellaFlor, Sorry it took so long to get back with you.. I see you spending lots of time with your virgo man. There are many differences between the two of you. But they can be worked out if he is willing and you are willing to wait.. He is a very loving and passionate man, but when he feels secure in the relationship, he will slack off of the really showing you he cares part. He is honest about most things, but also a very good liar.. I suggest you use caution with this relationship. I see it being very good in the beginning,but after a while, things will turn bad.

    He is the connection though to the real love of your life, so keep your eyes open. You will meet this man through him. 'This man has blonde hair, blue eyes, will be wearing blue jeans, white shirt and black vest.. I know that seems like one in a million, but you will know when you meet him..

    You will be able to see it in his eyes the minute you meet him. Hang in there, have fun, but dont fall too hard for your virgo man, there is no long term future for you with him.. But do be on the watch out for your True Love and Soulmate... I hope this helps you some... I know it isnt what you wanted to hear, but it is what i see. Good Luck to you !! GG

  • Grapefruit1, Hi! I hope you are dooing well . I sense alot of fear with you. Can you please post a pic for me. It would help me alot.. Thank you GG.

  • Hi Grouchygranny1 - I am wondering what you can pick up from this photo? It loads it at 61% so you can still view it a bit larger.¤t=IMG_2238sm.jpg

    Thank you so much!

    Yellow Daylily

  • Hi Grouchygranny1: I am having a lot of trouble with the internet. Trying to fix it, I lost my user name to the forum. I am going to try to post a picture of me with 2 men. Couls you tell me what you get. Whether either of them - or both will be in my life for a long time - as friends or whatever you get. I tired to make sure their were good pictures of eyes because sometimes I din't post those too well. thanks!

  • Okay - I will try again

  • one more try

  • Hi grouchygranny (I'll bet you're anything BUT grouchy!)

    Well, I'd like a photo reading about liloleme! Lay it on; gimme the true stuff, whatever you get. I think it's great what you're offering here and I hope some time I can be of help to you in return. Just hope my pic uploads okay! Thanks again





    loving silver wings

  • Hi grouchygranny - I finally got those pictures to load. Sorry about my mispellings. The circuit breaker blew when I was entering the information. I was in the dark. I will take any information you can get for me.. Thanks love

  • Hi Turtledust, Glad to be of help to you. Sorry you had so much trouble loading the pics.. Seems alot of people are having trouble.. I would love to have a closer pic of the man in the middle. Here is what i can see from you I get that you are a very nutchuring,loving ,giving lady. I sense that you love to make people happy from cooking.. Keep it up, that is your way of giving to them, spread it a little farther and give to someone you dont ev en know.. This is gods gift to you.

    The gentleman in the middle i cant get a good view of his eyes which really helps me alot, but what i do get is that he is a fun person, also sense that he may have some trouble with alcahol. He may need some help to overcome this problem. It is a very difficult one to overcome,but with lots of love careing and good food,especually chocolate,, he can do it. I see a bad temper in this man, but the loving side of him highly outweighs the bad temper. I sense that the three of you are tied togeather. Perhaps husband and wife and son.

    The young man on the right, I feel that there is something wrong with him health wise. I feel that he is in pain and doesnt want anyone to know just how much.. See that he gets a good check up or ask him if he is hurting.. Other than that, I see happiness all around him, I see a woman and two children running around playing with him. I see him living a full happy life with his fammily.

    These men will always be a part of your life, even when one passes, he will still be with you. You are their rock.. You always have to be the strong one although i know how hard it is on you, Be there for them and everything will be fine.. Use your spare time to pray and meditate and ask God to give you strength and guidance as to how to help deal with their problems.

    You already know what i told you , you just wanted to have a second oppinion on it. Am I right? You are more psychic that you are aware of.. You know how to use it.. Sometimes it is difficult to believe what we see , but stick with it.. You are on the right track. Use your cooking skills to help them...

    Love and Blessings, GG

  • Loving silverwings, Thanks you for the flower petals and fragrance...

    Be Blessed and may all that you want come to be...


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